Yivextra (Yiv) is a character from Septimo.

Yiv currently assists in the engines of the ship, doing whatever tasks she is needed to do. When not helping with the engines she often is seen observing people on the higher decks, or hides away in her meatlocker preforming various experiments.


Yiv can come off as nice and quiet from a distance. Though she is no less devious and hostile than your average Phyrexian. She hides her true thoughts and feelings behind a calm attitude, but the longer you know her the more her blatant cruelty starts to be seen. Yiv has the appearance of free will when you see her at face value, but really she works, acts, and strives for the goals of the Phyrexian whole. She is a quiet liar and deceiver and do what it needs to get her way, and in extension the way of the Phyrexians as a whole.

Yiv is incredibly racist and has no respect for non-Phyrexian life. Those she seems to get close to and call 'friend' are merely people that will serve Phyrexians best interests as they are for the time being, or they are simply people she wants to have on her operating table because they themselves will serve Phyrexia better as one of them.

Very rarely, a smidge of Yiv's 'old' personality from before she became what she is today can be seen and usually comes out if triggered by some relatable event.

When you first meet them

Yiv can be pleasant, and even 'welcoming', but it's all fake. Her true feelings will show in her eyes no matter how nice her 'welcome' is. Interesting specimens she will make note of in her journal.

Though how she is received will depend on person to person and how they perceive her. She can come off as anything from charmingly creepy to gut-wrenchingly horrific.

To others they like/dislike

If she 'likes' someone (or has to fake it) she may speak to them less hateful than she would others, or might even talk to them normally. There are very few she sees this way, and all those that she 'likes' are simply people she wishes to drag to the side of Phyrexia because she values their usefulness or strength.

Those she dislikes or sees as a threat to her cause may end up secretly targeted. Though since she understands She can't target crew they are usually safe, unless in a situation where they are not under the ships protocol and protection.


To reach the highest standard of perfection and efficiency in life and society, as well as spread that to other races and locations. To it, Phyrexians are perfect and all others should join them. Flesh is flawed and fails you. The Phyrexians can heal you of the sickness of mortality. All shall join them and become one, by choice or by force.


Researching, working, and observing long-term projects. Though Yiv also likes to travel and see the organic world for what it is, and what it could be.


She likes apples, and because of this she is likely to feed apples to the people she captures. She also likes to draw, though most of her art is scientific diagrams and mapmaking. The arts are one of the few things from non-phyrexian societies she appreciates to an extent. Yiv cannot comprehend the idea of creativity and imagination beyond the Phyrexians limitations. She likes to research and adapt new ideas to benefit Phyrexia. She likes trying to infect beings with disease just to observe its progress.

She dislikes Large bodies of water, heavy rain, and...well.. a lot of near everything.


Flying over water, electrical storms, failure. She cannot swim, and the current state of her body has her physically weak.

Pain threshold

Very high


Her everything? Shes using everyone as a sheild from any possible agression of outsiders in the world as she travels and studies. In fact she plans on making effort to overthrow the ship and take it in the name of Phyrexia when its current usefulness runs its course. Shes an asshole.



161cm tall and ungodly thin. Most of Yivs skin has been peeled off, what is left of it hangs in slowly decaying strips at joints and various spots where her metal plating fuses with her sinewy and slowly decaying flesh. Metal plating covers her, as well as various tubing and cords that can be seen along patches of exposed flesh and organs. Yellowed ribs and bones are exposed in various places. Her teeth are large and serrated on the inner side. Oil drips from joints and from between plates as well as her eyes. Her claws are large, but end in fine points for easy manipulation, the fingers of both hands can alter to become various medical implements. Yiv smells of oil, decay, and chemicals.

Yivs wings are large and tipped with bladed feathers, seemingly flightless at a glance, however when they spread a thin, mucousy membrane slides down from the top plating over bladed feathers and wire guides, allowing her to fly.

Second Form


Yiv, when she first appeared.

While she no longer has this form, Yiv first appeared looking like a somewhat normal albino child that wore a concealing, but formal tan and ivory coloured childs frock. The only Phyrexian details that could be seen at the time was her claws, wings and streams of oil draining from her eyes. The clothing concealed other metal fused into her chest, back and spine, as well as her legs.


A grimy and torn up leather apron and skirt. Just enough to cover her exposed innards.

if the weather is wet or rainy she puts on a knee length leather poncho, oiled to keep the moisture off.


Definitely somewhat more human sounding. Can be easily distinguished as a female voice, perhaps younger. However she has a clear static and grate to her voice that makes her sound unnatural.

Medical History

Carries disease.


Yiv isn't much of a fighter, she is a surgeon first, soldier second. She can fight, but doesn't know any advanced techniques. She just claws, bites, and kicks. Often she uses flight to gain an advantage.

Inhuman Advancement

Can run faster than a human, and has high endurance (But due to her need to eat, and the current unfinished state of her body she can not go as far or fast enough as an average Phyrexian.)


Her claws, sharp bits, and infectious oil. Her oil carries a horrible rotting disease, it is aggressive and fast acting.

Other Skills


Can read and write.


Phyrexian, Albanian. Can read and write in both. But barely uses Albanian in writing unless needed.

Medical Knowledge

Advanced anatomy in lindow-species. Fair amount of knowledge outside of Lyrcosa, but nowhere near expansive.

Knows how to make powerful sedatives and pain killers as well as some basic poisons, however she does not use any of her skills for healing she uses these skill for research, as well as constructing or converting others into new Phyrexians.

Engineer Knowledge

Phyrexian mechanics. Intermediate engineering, enough to be helpful in the engine rooms.

Science Knowledge

Lots and lots of biology.


Can draw diagrams for medical reasons, chart basic maps, Cave and forest navigation.

Roleplay Setting




Living area

Her meatlocker. A clean and tidy room of organized corpses and medical equipment. Formerly Jacobs meatlocker.


Medical supplies, bodies, stashes of metal, many journals empty and filled, misc items, eyes made by jacob, usually keeps a small bushel of apples in her room if she can get some. Amounts vary though often on the low end of things. Yiv usually carries journals, pens, money, moderate sedatives, needles and bits of dried meat in a bag when out and about.



The first stages of her life were rather bland and uninteresting, he was a Phyrexian that was kept in human form for the sake of undercover work. Yiv didn't really make any impact or whatnot until the seizing of a town in Libertus, where she had been sent to live for three years. Yiv had helped spread an engineered disease that had ultimately ended in the towns fall. This sparked not only Yivs interest/orders in studying disease, but also her desire to help spread the influence of her own kind. Physically. She had gained modifications of her own in the form of claws, plating, and wings, but was to be sent somewhere else.

The new land was cold and icy, and war raged above. Yiv found it difficult to work here. So she spent a lot of time hiding away in her tent where she could keep warm and experiment on any local life she could get her greasy claws on. Here is where she met Jacob.

Home Town

Lindow forests. Specifically in a series of caves and old mines the phyrexians took up residence in.

First Appearance

Met Jacob, they then talked about stuff.


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After meeting Jacob, Yiv somewhat befriended him. Which lead to her interest in joining the ship. Though before they had left, Yiv and Sott got into a fight that resulted in Yiv being injured badly enough to cause permanent damage to her, at the time, mostly flesh body. With the help of Jacob she patched herself up the best she could. Since then she had slowly been modifying herself, with the occasional help of Sott, who desired her wings. So in time she slowly peeled away her skin and replaced what she could with metal, becoming the biomechanical zombie that she is today. Despite that she seemed to at least show a bit of humanity at the time, Yiv's words and attitude weren't as harsh. Her more recent project was something she and Sott had been working on in the meatlocker. When Sott was tossed overboard by Atticus she assumed the position of leader among the ships Phyrexians and took Sotts broken wings as a display of dominance. She promised it that if it were to help her gain her own, and Phyrexia's goals, she would give it her wings. But in time Yiv followed Jacob off ship when he left after being asked. She put Sott temporarily in charge with the instructions to finish the project.

When Jacob returned, Yiv did as well. Though she had become crueler and more cold. She has rejected any bit of humanity she seemed to have and now fully works to spread the ideologies of Phyrexia, what she sees as being the only right way to live. With the old project (The creation of Ilaxdri) finished by Sott she had moved on to her next personal project: the vivisection and phyrexianization of various species. Which of course is done alongside her tasks on the ship.



Mivaxtra, while they were not born, they were grown at the same time and in the same group. Miv and Yiv were sent to Libertus together, but afterwards don't get to talk much.


Yiv is a loser with no friends. But it doesn't matter, Yiv doesn't need friends to achieve her goals.


That unnamed cat abomination. Though shes all but abandoned it at this point.

Notable others

Thaclel, Yiv wishes to drag her back onto the side of Phyrexia.

Sott- works under her.

Idol/Role model

Mazeril- leader, Yiv wishes to be seen as great in his eyes. To become one of the best and one to further advance Phyrexian influence in the world.



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