Vityae Gieodi is a semimortal species upon the world of Morpheus.

Originating from [ name of crystal island] in the middle of [Name] lake, this species are magical, sentient, living crystals that infect a host creature and incubate in their body until a time that they are capable of taking it for their own.


On their own these creatures are nothing more than crystal clusters, unable to move and with a soft glow.

However once introduced to a host, be it a humanoid or animal, they quickly take over the hosts form, popping up all over the body and causing pain until the ultimate death of the host creature.

Depending on the type of crystals bones can be somewhat hollow. Crystals such as agates will have solid bones. It all can vary.

Different crystals can yield different results that will be listed below.

Personality Traits

Note: These are all general traits and are not all encompassing.

Color Temperament
Reds Emotional / Feisty
Oranges Bold / Brave
Yellows Militant / Just
Greens Detached / Kind
Blues Patient / Intellectual
Purples / Perseverant 
Whites Determined / Loving
Blacks Logical / Cold

Magic Ability and Powers

Some types of crystals are capable of magic. But not all of them.


the main bulk of them inhabit their island, but they can be found anywhere.

Life Cycle

  • Host Infection: the start of the life cycle begins with a host creature becoming infected with the crystals. Tiny micro crystals transfer to a living creature via contact with the skin. they are very sharp and will stick in skin and burrow deeper until they hit bone. Here they liquefy in the marrow and slowly crystallize it. Many hosts develop anemia.

this stage can take 3-6 months.

  • II Nucleation: This stage occurs when the bones of the host are fully flooded with crystalline fluid. the fluid will seep from the bone and small crystal nodes will form all over the hosts bones. they pop up on any bone surface, even the inner jaw and occasionally force out teeth.

this stage can take 6 months - 2 years

  • III Crystallization I: In this stage the crystals will continue to grow until...
  • IV Host Death: Crystals puncture skin/brain/vital organs and ultimately kill the host.

~ 5 - 8 years

  • Crystallization II: Crystals continue to grow. Host will seek out water, sometimes the water of the crystal island. They will die in the water while the crystals continue to grow.
  • VI Skeletal Consumption: At this point no more bone exists of the hosts skeleton, it has all been converted to crystal. Including fingernails and teeth.
  • VII Super Concentration: At this stage the Crystallized being will form a thin but strong skin like membrane inside their chest cavity. This sack like structure will slowly fill with concentrated crystalline fluid.
  • VIII Geode: At this point the creature will seek out a secluded spot underground, often times migrating back to their origin point. once in a suitable location they simply wait for the pressure to become too much and the membrane ruptures, causing them to essentially 'pop' all over the place. This serves as a seed location for more crystals to grow and an opportunity for other beings to become infected and start the cycle again.

Death & Burial

They find a spot and explode there.


Phyrexians: the crystals do not have a good standing with the phyrexians.

Septimo Dominus Tantibus: due to word from Daisy the crystals are wary of the septimo and its crew.


If they follow any religion it is one of stars and science.


The crystals native language is soft and clicky, like tinkling glass, or polished gems in a bag.

not many speak it any longer.


Crystals, while not necessarily needing food to survive, will bask in the sunlight for energy

few individuals around the Super Concentration stage will consume items high in sugar and salt. this behavior is often more for pleasure than actual sustenance.

Genetic Weaknesses & Strengths

Many of the crystals are breakable, and normal diamond can cut them.

Notable Classes

Diamonds are considered high class officials


Oil shale is a hybridization of the Phyrexians and crystals. while exceptionally rare it poses a threat to both sides.

Known Members

Crystal name Basic details Strengths Weaknesses Known characters
........... .......................... .................................... ..................................... ..........................
Winston boron nirate Crystals leader.
Quartz Dependant on mass, typically strong. Pretty fireproof. Can be broken if struck right. Sweetpea (Rose), Demiira (Smokey)
Garnet Less painful between stage of Nucleation and start of Crystallization. Stronger than other quartz's. Harder to break. Abrasive. Varied. Red, Edge
Ruby Endurance. Can be completely splintered if hit just right. Cherry [Blood]
Peridot Affinity to fire. Sometimes can firebend. Hard to break. Unstable. Daisy
Agate LittleBlue(Bluelace)
Obsidian Affinity to blades. Xyns host.
Oil Shale Made from cross-contamination of Crystals and Phyrexians. Can either be infected gems that take on the skeletal nature of crystals, or be crystal infected Phyrexians. Very rare. Usually killed by both kinds.
Malachite Exceptionally toxic
Coral Can mass together to become bigger/stronger Coral
Gold Physically weaker than most other crystals. Don't do well with heat.

Notable Characters

Notable playable characters, Link wikia profiles.

History & Advancement

List major key points in the history of this race. How did this race populate? When were they first documented, were they around before first documents? Are they originally from another planet in the galaxy? Have they been in any battles? Conquered any lands?


This Species is from Space.