Udhaakeh is a small island off the coast of Oceania near the small port-town of Tenby. Occupied by the Kica-Kela cult. The air around it is described as tense and unsettling. And along with the fishy and salty scent in the air lingers a smell that can be described as a stench of 'rot and incense.' Many who sail too close to the island claim they feel as if some invisible creature is watching over them from just beyond sight. Needless to say it is strongly recommended that the island be avoided by travelers at all costs.

The residents survive through fishing and gathering edible seaweeds as well as trade with foreign regions. There are very few residents on the island and most do not speak common languages. Those that do know common language, like Albanian, are very limited in numbers. Udhaakeh residents rarely travel to the mainland of Oceania unless they are seeking trades from foreigners. The local opinion of them is really low, so they are most often seen around the outskirts of the markets or lurking in alleyways.

Kica-Kela cult

Leader: S'uhn-Haic'Zikha

Kica-Kela Trio

Language - Aklo

The language of the cult is rumoured to have mystical powers. Aklo is a rare ancient language known to this cult and is not something spoken by just anyone across Morpheus, only known by some elders and those who study religious language located in few parts of the world.

When interacting with outsiders, Some Kela often refuse to speak Aklo at all, and tend to speak what little Albanian they may know along with making various mumbling noises. They will mostly point and gesture, using body language to get they're point across to outsiders. The only time they outright speak fluent Aklo in large amounts is when they do is among themselves in whisper.


(in progress)

8 November 1762 - The cult raided Tenby in the night after a few attacks from the locals were staged against the island. It is believed the Kela retaliated so directly because Haic'Zikha dreamed it was to be done, but due to the massive language barrier and the Kela's utter separation from the outsiders the motivation is nothing but speculated.

On the night of the 8th most if not all of the able-bodied Kela crept into the town and drug off anyone they could get their hands on before eventually being chased off by authorities. A few cultists were killed in the exchange but they managed to drag off about twenty five people into their boats and flee.

The victims were said to be drowned in a ritual fashion and hung by the trees around the edge of Udhaakeh facing the mainland for anyone approaching to see. They still hang there as they decompose and fall apart as a warning to those who approach.