Topaz Regemizala is a character from Septimo

Topaz is the right hand man to Leerin Kyboleigh. The pair run and own a travelling merchant business where they sell oddities from across Morpheus. They manipulate and lie they're way into large groups to earn trust to take items, body parts and fluids etc alike along with treasures, to add to they're overpriced collection. On top of this. The pair work as bounty hunters, always fun to get more money for the body unneeded after all.


Topaz is the softer of the pair. He is a huge drama queen and often finds it hard to stick to the persona of "Venari"

Personality of Venari Topaz

When you first meet them Vanari will come of as quite shy and curious. He will approach people to ask about them, genuinely seeming curious about new races. He may ask some personal questions but these normally leave him flustered. He is never one pry to much into friendships and keeps most people at a neutral relationship. To people he likes he will act exited and label individuals as friends, and To people he dislikes he will tend to simply ignore.

Personality of Topaz Regemizala

Topaz is actually a spoilt brat with high maintenance. He doesn't like doing 'hands on' work and will make excuses to avoid hard work. He is manipulative and knows what to say to get exactly what he wants, especially when it comes to using Venari. He as sociopaths tendencies.


Topaz comes from the region Orzya. Here they are pro-elven and pro-android. This means he looks down on any human or race they would class visually 'ugly'

Topaz does believe in a hell, he believes he is already going to a bad place and therefore holds back on nothing. To him, the consequence is always worth the action.


  • Water, baths and the Ocean. He is a excellent swimmer and can swim lengths though any condition. He enjoys colder water.
  • Topaz loves the snow and icy climates.
  • He has a obsession in pickles.


  • He gets anxious around areas he knows that does not have nearby water. Its the only time worry and emotion can slip into Topaz's nature.
  • He is attached to Leerin and is very dependant on him.


His whole life is a secret. He is anonymous in trade and noone deals with them by face or real name. The trade named "Monstrum's".



Topaz is a young elf-like being in 'human form'. He measures up to 5'9", with orange hair which holds unnatural L'Oréal advert shine and amber eyes to match in colour. He is angelic in features, seemingly flawless without any abnormal fault. With porcelain skin and a slender figure he is often compared to doll like. He has pearls embedded into his temples, a septum piecing and tattoos saying "freedom" in Albanian and his mothertongue orzyian, these located on his right hand and are cursed with a 'glamor' that he can manipulate with magic.

Second Form




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