• The Black Dragon, Shiro- in these parts is said to be the God of Shadow and Destruction. The most terrifying of the 2 Gods, Shiro is depicted as a Dragon with Black and Red Scales. according to Legend, Shiro would take Maidens from their Islands and bring them to his lair, where they would be subjected to slavery. it was not until The Goddess of Creation, Ena, faced him in battle that his Tyrrany ended.
  • The White Dragon, Ena- in these parts is said to be the Goddess of Light and Creation. Ena is the more Gentle of the 2 Gods. She was worshiped by all throughout the Islands. Many centuries ago, to save her people, Ena fought the Tyrannical God of Destruction, Shiro, and ended his reign over the Islands, sealing him in a Sword made of his own scales. Afterwards the Goddess gave up her Immortal Body, sealing her soul into the body of an unborn child. She is depicted as a Dragon with white and gold scales
  • Miriska, the Great Sage Said to be descended from the Goddess of Creation herself, The man possessed great Magical Prowess. He was most known for the Blade he carried, which was said to be forged from the Scales of the God of Destruction, Shiro, who Terrorized the Islands many centuries ago. The blade is now sealed in a temple at the top of the Central Island, waiting for the next descendant of it's master.


  • Enarga- This island is the Largest of the group. Hosting most of the Inhabitants of the Peninsula. It hosts a large port town where the main clan of the Islands live, The Elrich Clan. A great mountain overlooks the town near the rear of the Island. The temple of Miriska rests at the Peak, where the Great Sages blade is sealed.
  • Indaga- In the native tongue of the Islands, this Islands name means, "Great Darkness.", This island is considered forbidden ground as this was the Island where Ena and Shiro were said to have fought. Many who enter the Island never return.
  • Shinara- Said to have been Shiro's lair. The Island is oddly cold for the Peninsulas warm climate, many warm blooded creatures live on this Island due to its odd temperatures.

Common Races

Enargan- The only real race that can be found on the islands. They are a race of Feline warriors that appeared on the Islands Millennia ago. They are known for their IMMENSE strength and stamina, being able to lift whole steam Engines as well as hold massive ships in place using only a rope, which is actually a common sport amoung the locals!