Sverre Bjerkersønn is a deceased clansman hailing from one of Nordheim's more barbaric parts.The CLANLANDS. He was a hunter and master-artist. he could paint you the world if you just give him some paper and a quill with ink. Sverre was loved and cherished by many on the Septimo, and is still in there memory and will be mentioned through the progression of the roleplay.


Sverre was a friendly and qurious old man. But you can quickly hear he's not exactly young from his tales or his use of words. But he means no offence with his words, As many other he likes a pint or two, tobacco for his pipe and to draw the world. He thinks that the same horrible rituals done back in his days should be done for everyone to toughen them up.


Sverre wants to draw the whole world to show his clan that a better life exist.As for gods he believes in all of them but he only worships Augustrinn the godess of the hunt and Ypyrem the god of Booze.



He's an old half-elf, but he's still strong and agile. Nimble and fast makes him a good hunter. He got two green worthexes in his eyes from magic-teaching rituals of his home-lands Leather boots with metal buttons that once held the Bjerker insignia, they are worn out. The bjerker clan kilt, A brown well-worn jacket over a yellow shirt with a purple scarf and a black hat with a feather in it. long blonde hair, and a big braided blonde beard.



Sverre can read and speak Plumbdonian, Østfoldian and Dutch.He can read and write in Runes and Normal letters..


magic and a good shot makes him a good support character in battle.


A master artist, he draws and paints photo-realistic drawings and paintings, he also do tattoos, carvings and other forms of making pictures. A skilled hunter too,, he's good at sneaking and surviving in nature.

Sverre died, uppholding his traditions that when you turn too old, you must seek out death. He died honorably in a duel against Marnix.


He care for only a few things in this world. His drawing. His clan. The Septimo Crew, and Planke, which calls him ¨¨Uncle Sverre¨¨

he got a sister in Oceania, his little sister married into the Jernsau clan and had them move down there. ¨¨seems to be doing quite well¨¨ Sverre commented on it after having seen their new Clan fort