Sott is a character from the Septimo.

Sott is a medium-sized Phyrexian that works in the engine rooms of the Septimo. When not working in the engines, it is in Yivs meatlocker working on its blasphemous experiments.


Sott is aloof and aggressive, it clearly doesn't like non-phyrexian beings by how it behaves. It holds grudges and is easy to anger. But despite this it will still, for the most part, obey orders and behave when needed. For the time being.

When you first meet them

Sott is judgmental and racist toward strangers. But if there is something about them that catches its interest it may approach with a 'nicer' attitude. Sott can come off as rude and wild to some, while intriguing and alien to others depending on the person.

To others they like/dislike

Sott rarely actually likes non-phyrexians. But if they manage to gain its respect it will not be as openly racist to them and may even hang around, or let someone hang around it. If Sott dislikes someone it will be straight up aggressive and mean, it is only under orders to not harm septimo crew. Because of that only crew is safe from its stabby fingers.


To reach the highest standard of perfection and efficiency in life and society, as well as spread that to other races and locations. To it, Phyrexians are perfect and all others should join them. Flesh is flawed and fails you. The Phyrexians can heal you of the sickness of flesh. All shall join them and become one, by choice or force.


Science- dissection, research, experimentation.


It likes sleeping, as much as it will try to deny and resist this flaw. Its science hobbies. Dislikes large amounts of distracting noise, flashing lights, large amounts of water.


Fire, though it is not afraid of it, Sotts high flammability makes it wary around fire and fearful if it could be lit up easily. Sott will explode if it burns too long, like a walking shrapnel bomb.

Extreme cold will cause it to slip into a hibernation state if it isn't able to find some form of heat.

Sott cannot swim, it is also weak to natural/nature magics.

Pain threshold

Extremely high.


Sott is physically flawed/broken. Though while it is not fully dysfunctional, it is, and tries to hide it until it can seek to be repaired.



Around 183cm tall (6 ft) but walks on all four limbs, not because that is its natural method of moving, but due to some smaller injuries/breaks within its body that makes it hard to stand upright for too long. Its entire body is mostly made of overlapping metal plating and corded muscle mixed in with chunks of necrotic muscle and fragments of yellowed bone ribs that are reinforced with metal can be seen behind sinew and metal on its chest. Sharp, angular, and blade like spines line its back starting at the base of its neck to its tailbone, getting smaller as they go down. Thinner, needle like sharp parts follow the same line up its neck and to the back of its head. Fragments of broken joints and machinery poke from it's back suggesting it may have had wings at one point. its head is long and birdlike with glowing green eyes, Sotts mouth is lined with jagged and sharp teeth. Its claws are long and thin with the pointer and middle fingers of its right hand able to fold in and switch, surgical blades taking their place. Its left hand can do similar, but produce flat claws with hooked ends instead. It's left wrist contains a needle mechanism for administering sedative. Its feet are sharp and bladed. oil leaks from joints and eyes, and on occasion from its mouth.


Grimy, heavily tattered leather pants with a tie-on belt. Occasionally has various objects crammed in the belt or pockets to carry.


Clicks and chitters. But when it actually speaks it sounds like a distortion of grating metal, static, screeches, and vocalizations. It has absolutely no definable gender through voice

Medical History

Carries disease.

Shows obvious signs of water damage/rust.


Sott is physically strong, and would be quick if not for its current physical condition. Though it rarely actively fights hand-to-hand. Sott is a surgeon and a researcher first, a soldier second.

Inhuman Advancement

Inhuman strength and speed, but its strongest inhuman trait is its endurance. Phyrexians can survive without sleep or food. So they can simply keep going.


Its oil, both blood and what it drips, carries a horrible and fast acting rotting disease. This disease is engineered and there is no widely known vaccine, unlike other generic sicknesses it may be carrying at the time.

It will deliberately try to infect its enemies, or innocent people with this illness. It is then used to try and persuade the victim into Phyrexian modification as a cure.

Other Skills


Can read and understand Albanian but is incapable of speaking it. Has no formal education but has been taught necessary maths and sciences to be able to do its job.



Medical Knowledge

Advanced anatomy of many common races/species in the Lindow area. Knowledge of creating powerful sedatives and antibiotics capable of helping keep living subjects alive through the research process, and knowledge of preservatives to make dead subjects last longer.

Engineer Knowledge

Enough to be an effective mechanic and study existing machines enough to repair them if needed. However most of its engineering and machining knowledge lies in constructing Phyrexian machinery, and fusing machinery with flesh and other organics in order to replace or improve functions.

Science Knowledge

Knows many details of various plants, rocks, natural phenomenon and oceans around the Lindow/Lyrcosa area.


Cave and forest navigation skills. Can read maps.

Roleplay Setting

Septimo room.


Helps with the engines. It doesn't mind as long as it pays for its more important experiments.

Living area

Yiv's meatlocker down in the engines.


Tools for machining and dissections, metal, bodies, various jars, herbs and chemicals. Amounts just depends on RP and situation.

Anything it would carry with it would usually just be a journal, some mechanic and research tools, and something to write with.



Created sometime between 15-20 years ago, It is unknown whether Sott was originally a citizen of Lindow or fully created in the Phyrexian vats. It worked as a Phyrexian surgeon and researcher for most likes life, hidden down in the cave systems where its species hide and operate. It only came to the surface to collect information or samples if needed. Its first trip into Lindow itself ended poorly however, thanks to a chance run in with Yusra after Sott traveled to the pier to try and gain samples of various sea life that grew near the shore. Yusra believed the beast was a 'creature from beyond' and attacked it. The resulting fight ended in damage to a random merchants ship. The two ended up pulled on board to work off their damages. After that, the last time Sott was seen it was floating in a dinged up lifeboat with Yusra to a shore where the septimo was docked. It is unknown what happened to the merchants ship, Sott doesn't speak of it.

Notable areas

While Sott lived in and mainly remained within the forests surrounding Lindow, it on rare occasions could have been spotted travelling as far as Herbwise.

First Appearance



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After boarding with Yusra it milled around on the ship pointlessly. Unsure what to do or if it should say. After the arrival of the smaller and (in sotts opinion) weaker Yivextra who was allowed to stay in the meatlocker at the time, Sott quickly latched onto her and teamed up for the time being. They were both weakened, broken, and desired to return to their home and people. Possibly with honor. They started working on a project amongst themselves after prodding at the bodies in the meatlocker after a time being. When Sott was tossed overboard by Atticus and lost to the ocean for three days, Yiv proclaimed herself the superior of the two. When Sott returned Yiv tore off it's wings as a display of dominance, only promising it her own when they could complete their overall goals.



Ilaxdri- creation. While not directly related, could be considered its child in a sense.


Diana. Sott will try to deny it. But it doesn't totally hate Diana. It wishes to perfect her.

Notable others

Idol/Role model

Mazeril- leader, worshipped as a god. The one who created them and gave them life. The one who drives them toward their goal.


Sott like birb. It pek you. Giv you one free diseas.

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