The Engine Room is a extension to Septimo:The Ship and is a active roleplay room on the IMVU Client under the username EbonyAequitas.

At the heart of Septimo, far beneath the life of the upper decks is the engine that keeps the ship running. A home and safehaven for the engine crew that work tirelessly day and night to keep the heart of the ship beating, Every cog turning as it should with each passing moment. Should you find yourself venturing down into the grunge lair that is the Engine room, You'll meet some new and interesting characters along the way. Down here is where you'll find a host of engineers, mechanics and half robots alike; Not to mention a shapeshifter or two. Though the engines are a dark and daunting place so much cannot be said for those who keep it running day and night; So don't be shy and head on down to where all things positively steampunk lie!

The Engine Workers

There are multiple positions offered that allows you to work in the engines. The engine workers and the Weapon Specialist titles allows a person the freedom to work and roam down in this level of the ship. There is 20-25 workers in the engine room, the majority of these are NPC.

The Crew