A safe house is a term used is Morpheus for Land, Houses and Vessels that follow set codes and guidelines to provide peace between all kin and individuals. They are located all over the world, the first safe-house that opened was Faewood, a ages castle managed by a pair of siblings in Nordheim. It was from there the terms were written, and more open minded beings began to express the interest in neutral land.

Safe-house Regulations & Guidelines

  • All safe houses need a hierarchy to ensure peace and regulation between users.
  • No one is to be isolated from the safe house. All kin, monster and human alike to be accepted.
  • No one to cause harm to another though prejudice or malicious intent.
  • All, residents and guests, should be accommodated for with basic human rights, unless stated otherwise in safe-house law.
  • Guests should not be treated with a abusive nature unless there is a proven reason. A guest should only be withheld from basic human rights for a 3 day interval before being re-announced to the safe-house or being requested to leave. If neither is doable, the situation should be re-assessed and approached appropriately by the hierarchy.
  • When in a safe-house, all crime an individual has committed is forgotten or passed to hierarchy.
  • No bounty, hunting or slave/pet traders to take place in a safe-house.

Known Safe-houses

  • Faewood - Kingdom - Nordheim
  • Camp Lyricus - Travellers Camp - Meridianus
  • Medela - Village - Nordheim
  • Deuge Caverns - Village - Vittoria
  • SeptimoDominusTantibus - Ship - Oceans of Morpheus.