Red is a small, little tiny wad of crystal anger and screaming. He fite you. He fite yo mama, he fite yo daddeh. He fite yo gramma. He fite himself. But really he just an insecure bean.

He snuck onto the septimo once, was kicked off, and snuck on again and was ultimately shattered by an explosion. Yiv collected his fragments.


HE YELL. He insecure as all get out. He yell because he insecure.

When you first meet them

Aggressive. Loud and unwelcoming. Potentially might try to fight. Most likely will try to fight. Gives off the impression if being extremely insufferable and annoying.

To others they like/dislike

He awkwardly maybe not almost maybe will flirt by accent if he likes. Wont be as loud. But will still yell and act like a twit. If he dislikes you the yelling is louder, longer, and more vulgar.


Violence is always the answer. If it is not the answer then scream at it.


Fighting things. Building things.


Does enjoy building things and repairing things. Gaining information and knowledge. Dislikes when people actually try to fite him and discover his insecure nature.


Being alone, hes claustrophobic, dislikes heights, doesn't like people taller than him, he has an irrational fear of being forgotten, doesn't want close people to die, doesn't want to die, doesn't like to disappoint, doesn't like to be intimidated, has abandonment issues.

Pain threshold

Kinda low. Doesn't handle pain well at all.


He is a small insecure bean, protect this annoying child.



Pale skin, dark red hair, Kela-red eyes, Very short and chubby appearance, little tiny red claws, tiny Kela tail. Has tiny gay hands.

Second Form

Small human skeleton made out of garnet, with a lil crystal tail and claws.


Wears a black beanie, and black red lined jacket with fur trim and baggy pants. Dark colours, basically.


Very loud, intermediate gender voice.

Medical History



All talk no bite. He is a terrible fighter.


Basic Kela magic.

  • Temporary light spell- summon a small globe of light for the sake of seeing in the dark.
  • Small water summon- Summon a small amount of water, usually pulled from the humidity in the air (so the amount of moisture in the air could affect this.)
  • Very basic electrical shock spell- Defensive, shock is not enough to really harm, just hurt enough to make a getaway.
  • That annoying Kela 'turn things pink' spell.

Other Skills


Can read, write, good at math.


Basic Aklo.

Medical Knowledge

Rudimentary knowledge of painkillers and natural disinfectants.

Engineer Knowledge

He can build you a thing.


Basic knowledge of navigation by the stars, other misc ocean survival information. Quick with braiding and working with environments.

Roleplay Setting

Septimo and Lindow, though currently shattered and out of play.


Being shattered.

Living area

In a jar in Yivs meatlocker.





  • Born to the Kica-kela
  • Lived among them until about ten, was infected at a very early age by the crystals.
  • When his infection started to show he was deemed 'unclean' and sank into the ocean far from Udhaakeh to prevent any possible spread.
  • Found by Sweetpea on Oceania, after a few days of wandering with base memory of himself. Sweetpea took him back to [Crystal island] where he was taught the ways of being a crystal.
  • Learned his engineering from various interactions and apprenticeships with some lindow inventors.
  • Encountered 'Cherry' a member of the Lindow Kela sect. Became friends.
  • Cherry was soon infected (likely by red) and soon cast out by the Kela as well. They were able to relate over this, and Red saw Cherry as somewhat of a little brother to help along.
  • Rescued by red, but due to specific conditions over time with Cherrys infection made it painful and hard to deal with, so Red took him to Medela in hopes of finding decent pain releif when Herbwise wasnt able to help.
  • Septimo part of story begins.

Home Town


First Appearance

Stowed away on the Septimo with cherry.


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Cherry, while not related directly, due to their similar upbringings and experiences with the cult and crystal infections they were able to bond and see eachother as close and connected as siblings.

He had a brother, who remained with the cult. There is no communication and only vague memories.


Sweetpea, cherry, daisy, edge (kinda), misc crystals.

Notable others

Edge is a co-worker/boss.

Idol/Role model



When external screaming becomes internal screaming.

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