Pyromancers are a class of Magic user with the power to manipulate, create and attack with fire and flames.


Pyromancers draw their power from the flames. They are able to create Fire seemingly out of nothing, control already existing flames, and use fire as their main point of attack. Pyromancers draw their magic from a number of different sources, some from practised control and others from the pure rage and anger within them.

Pyromancy can be an extremely dangerous branch of magic if not controlled properly. If a Pyromancer edges towards destruction, they are just as likely to hurt or kill themselves as they are others. Mastering this art requires training and skill, and control over ones emotional state. Pyromancers may be one of the most powerful branches of magic, but they are also the most destructive.

Some Pyromancers are able to see visions in their flames, whispers from the future or into the intention of others. However if a Pyromancer wishes to master this aspect of their magic well, they must devote most of their lives to training in it.

Life cycle

Pyromancers are usually Maori who are born with a particular affinity to the flames, should they choose to pursue this branch of magic, they will usually isolate themselves to train so that they do not harm anyone when their magic gets out of control. Pyromancers come from any Magic using Species, but not all choose to develop those gifts.

Religion and Beliefs

Notable Races

Pyromancers can come from almost any race, except of course Dwarves who cannot use magic at all, however some races have more of an affinity for it than others.


Pyromancers gain the energy for their magic from a number of sources, from the sun, the fire within themselves or from already existing sources.


Sub Classes

Diviners - Pyromancers who wish to pursue the art of divination through the flames must devote their entire lives to doing so. They spend hours watching the fires, hoping for any hint from the Gods as to what the future may hold for them. Training for this usually starts a lot younger than the average Maori, and they often live in isolated conditions in the form of Priestesses.