Peter the parrot (Archived) is a Blue and yellow parrot with a hint of black and green, He's the witty, rude but overall good-hearted pet and Companion of Planke.



A strong and healthy bird, he's surprisingly strong and can carry a full bottle of rum around by his talons.


Feathers and smartassery


Peter the parrot is a perverted, drinking-happy parrot who loves his rum as much as he loves to jab Smartass quirps at you. But he means nothing wrong and often just wants to be petted, even tho he will never admit it.


he's a bird and thus got quite the strong hearing.


lack of thumbs, he can't use most tools even IF he have the brains to do so.


Ypyrem and Naribia.







pissing off everyone.


  • Planke


Peter the parrot were created when the Dreaded Captain Crazy Plank had a young parrot halfway trough his life. He had a mutineer among his men. And thus after torturing the mutineer. He had the soul of the mutineer trapped inside his parrot. Giving no controll to the soul. but all to the parrot. The parrot can speak and talk now. smart as a human. If not smarter, from his twin-souls collective age.

📖 CRAA! Me likes being here in Planke's boobs. Craa. Peter the parrot said loudly, Loud enough to wake up Planke which atuomatically waved him away


Peter the parrot used to be named Pålli and were the parrot companion of a crazed old half-elf pirate named Sverre plankensen. a clanless one, he were one of the crazier pirates, infamous for skinning people alive. cutting limbs off people and having quite the hot temperament.

But why am I telling you this when we're talking about Peter the Parrot you ask. Well. He loved his parrot. But he hated a traitor. So to torture the traitor and to help his parrot freind, he infused the traitor's soul into Peter. Making Peter the parrot able to think as smart as your average human. But still being himself.

The tortured soul inside Peter can't do anything.Or maybe he can? who knows.


Planke is his owner and best friend.


Peter the Parrot came to be long ago at my first imvu RP character. When he spoke German. But Sonja eft the german idea and kept the smartassery. Added on some perversion and there we go.