Patrick IS THE SWEGGIEST LLAMA IN ALL OF LLAMATOPIA! He is the mind of a drunken man who is inside a llama and does not realise he is a llama.



Llamaness. Fluffy. Whiteish. Big o'ears. Snout. Love makin' eyes.




Loud, obnoxious, attentionseeking. He is also a sexual deviant.


He is swaggy. Strong willed and has the mentality of a 18 year old man. (except on mondays when he runs around asking to be made into juice)


The want to be loved by many D:


Patman!! is a strong worshiper of Clive the jesus walkin' watermelonnutted bane of the Kela. He admires his determination and love for his passion. He also believes that winnie the pooh is satan in a furry costume. He will often talk about this character of the future, referring to him as 'The Devilish Pooh'



A bit of a dummy this one. But he can speak fluent Nipnopean and can fart the alphabet! That's a talent!


This one can hoof you to death. Beware. He also farts skittles out his ass like it was one of Marnix's AK5000DemonBangbang rifles.


He can sing. He can dance. AND he can turn the saliva of Sahba the Kela into creamy caramelly rum! (A skill developed after one night he absorbed plankes boogies and gained the creamy equivalent of ypyrems yumyums.)


PATRICK WAS BORN FROM A PINAPPLE! His parents loved him very much, but when it was apparent that Patman!! believed he was a human, they worried and put him into a asylum. Here he discovered a love for rum and Lindow shrooms. Soon hooked he broke out and found himself on the septimo with all his septiling buddehs.