The Main 7 Oceans

  • Aequora: The 4th largest ocean, Mostly inhabited by sea serpents and large fish. Rarely sailed upon by local lands due to sea serpents damages.
  • Armentarius: The 3rd largest ocean, Mainly inhabited by squid and jellyfishes as well as mermaids. Extremely colourful in ocean flora and is treated as a trade gateway. Used by all to sail upon.
  • Celestial: The 2nd largest ocean, Inhabited by crustaceans and seahorses. Abundant in sea urchins as well as occasional shipwrecks due to monsoons. Widely used.
  • Cruentum: The 5th largest ocean, Abundant with dolphin, whales, sharks and the large varieties of ocean life. Again widely used
  • Iskald: The largest ocean, Filled to the brim with a variety of mer creatures, tropical fish and turtles as well as supposedly the kraken. Vastly sailed upon by all.
  • Lovina: The smallest ocean, Littered with cannibalistic creatures, sirens and shipwrecks. Treacherous for smaller ships.
  • Maris: The 6th largest ocean, Little of the life is known in this corner of the ocean. Most likely to hide bottom feeders and angler fish. Sailed upon but known for bandit hideouts.