Tenby is a port-town in Perhiel, Oceania. The town is located north of the City of Manta. It is a leisure town for the sailors, traders and those who commute from the north of Oceania. The land is more famed for the invasion of the Kica-Kela Cult.

Layout of Tenby

Kica-Kela Cult

The Kica-Kela Cult is a infamous cult that inhabits the island of Udhaakeh, a small land opposite the waters of the city of Tenby. They are known for there abuse to the villagers, kidnaping young locals and preforming sacrifices of these people to the God they are known to worship unconditionally. The people of this cult are also known for natural disasters such as tsunamis and earthquakes, and are blamed for the bad fishing season and crop growth of the city. It is said that the people of Tenby commonly see apparitions of large demonic monsters coming from the island with the use of dark magic.

History of Tenby

8 November 1762 - The Kica-kela cult raided Tenby in the night after a few attacks from the locals were staged against the island of Udhaakeh. It is believed the Kela retaliated so directly because Haic'Zikha dreamed it was to be done, but due to the massive language barrier and the Kela's utter separation from the outsiders the motivation is nothing but speculated. On the night of the 8th most if not all of the able-bodied Kela crept into the town and dragged off anyone they could get their hands on before eventually being chased off by authorities. A few cultists were killed in the exchange but they managed to drag off about twenty five people into their boats and flee.