Nul-Sahbanni Yst'han-ama is a character from Lindow

Nul-Sahba, or Sahba for short. A Kica-Kela priestess as well as apparent medic for the Kela group aboard the ship. She sometimes stands in as a medic aid on the ship but most of the time prefers to hide away in the library among the books and care for them. She speaks in an odd multi-toned echoing voice and comes off as not-quite-human.


Sahba is often curious and sociable by Kela standards. Secretive about her own life and doesn't like to share any details, she remains among the other cultists for most of her day. Otherwise she had her moments where she ventures out (With a buddy or three) to poke her nose in the business of others.. or when she is needed or decides to be a help in the medical bay. Despite now knowing a small bit of Albanian she still often does not talk to others aside from in small amounts. Even when speaking in Aklo. It may even be perceived as a hint of shyness or unease. But she generally just dislikes outsiders. And unless someone as a person interests her greatly, she does not often chatter of her own accord.

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Cultist of Yog-Sothoth. Despite being one of the 'spawn' she lives just as any other Kela: Seeking rare artifacts, seeking rare books, gaining knowledge in exchange or service to their god.


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Kela as a whole are frail physically. Having surrendered most of their physical strength in exchange for knowledge and magical ability. It does not take much to knock them over, bruise them, and break their bones. A blow just below the neck-rings to the back of the neck is enough to leave them stunned for a few moments, and do serious harm if struck hard enough. Bright light harms their eyes and disorients them. Being cut off from their magic will result in their bodies dissolving away and death.


How do they handle injury? Torture?


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Like most Kela she is unhealthily thin and hunched. Sahba's eyes are unnaturally large and glow red deeply sunken in a face that always appears bruised, mainly around the eyes. Her skin is discolored and patchy-- with tones ranging from an ashy dark brown to a sickly purplish-tan some bits are furred, while some hold small patches of scales. All exposed skin from the waist up is cluttered with branded and tattooed with glyphs and symbols. Her palms are covered in cut scars. From the waist down her body breaks up into a mess of tentacles and fuzzy, eyeball coated clawed feet.

Her feet are three toed, one acting as a 'thumb' that allow her to grab hold of things. All her toes are webbed and the skin is rough and sickly grey. Sucker-like pads at the end of each toe aid in helping her stick to allowing surfaces.

The fur on her legs is thick and fluffy, and colored the same purple brown tone as the wispy fur patches on her back and right arm as well as the hair on her head.

The tentacles are all grey with occasional greenish and purplish rings. All eyeballs on her body are the same red as her eyes. Though they are all blind. And seem to only glance about in reaction to Sahba hearing sounds.

When standing normal her legs remain bent and her back hunched, but if she straightens up she stands close to six feet tall. However she practically never stands with 'perfect' posture.

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The standard red Kica-Kela robes, long billowy and edged in gold and black designs. She rarely takes them off. If she does there is simply a silky smooth black under-dress underneath. A black tabard she wears has a strange red symbol embroidered on the chest the appearance of it alone is rather sinister in design and had some form of suggestion of unnatural shapes and angles.

Usually Sahba goes barefoot like most Kela, but when foot protection is necessary she wraps her feet in a sturdy cloth.

Sahba, like the other Kela wears sturdy, but lightweight metal rings around her neck. They are pretty and protect her fragile neck from damage.

She has four daggers. Two silver casting daggers an an ornate sacrificial dagger sit in her sash. The fourth is hidden in her left sleeve and used to stab away attackers who try to grab her. An unlit lantern usually hangs on her belt. It is lit through the use of magic


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Sahba rarely fights beyond maybe taking a swing at someone for offending her or jabbing with a dagger. She will use her daggers given to her by Asura to help channel her energy. Her left hand has a jagged spiral branded into the back, and that's the hand she will primarily cast with. While her right is the hand she will usually use her dagger with.

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Basic energy spells. Sahba can discharge a purplish bolt of energy similar to lightning as we know it. Though something about it's appearance is slightly off to those who pay close enough attention.

  • Discharging the 'lightning' is her main spell when getting a point across or trying to warn people back as it uses a very small amount of energy and is least likely to harm her long term. Other low-level spells she uses us the ability to make small light orbs to see in the dark. (The light is brightest five feet in all directions, and last about an hour unless dispelled or crushed.) Sahba will also cast the 'lightning' while touching something. This can increase the amount and severity of burns one gains from the attack. She can also preform telekinesis on small objects.
  • At the cost of more energy, and more potential harm to her body the bolt of energy can be focused and shaped into various forms. From Javelin like shapes to orbs that with a lot more concentration can be guided at their targets.
  • She can also unleash a series of bolts in a fan-like arc in whichever direction she is casting in. This one uses up more energy so she is less likely to use it outside of battle and when frightened. The arc can go horizontally or vertically, depending on how she focuses it but not both at the same time.

More sinister magic she might know, these spells feel very wrong to those who can sense auras and may even trigger instinctual attack or fleeing feelings. Most have been learned from the old, rotting piles of books the Kela tend to hoard. Counter-spelling them is hard, but possible. Though generally counterspells will cause negative side-effects to both parties. Even if as simple as a slight nausea, though usually results on headaches.

  • Boneshatter spells. She can do harm to bones at touch if her hold on someone is good and they don't pull away in time. The amount of damage is equivalent to the amount of focus she puts into the spell.
  • Curses: Varying from migraine style headaches, itchiness, nausea to fuzzy vision and possible blindness. The severity and length of the curse usually depends on how much time shes taken to focus it. Permanent effects can be achieved. But it takes several hours of preparation
  • Bite-the-crap-out-of-you-defense-spell? She will magically alter her teeth to be sharper and longer. Fairly useless but a good defense for when she has to travel alone.
  • Fire breathing+ fire immunity. Only lasts about an hour before needing recast. The more fire she breathes the more time gets taken off the length if the spell.
  • Hallucinogenic smoke. She will leak smoke from her eyes nose and mouth. Contact with it will cause nausia, hallucinations and other effects similar to hallucinogenic drugs. If Sahba does not expel the smoke before the spell is up she gets the sickness and effects from it.
  • Fleshwound infliction. The more she channels the deeper and more numerous the wounds become. Touch necessary.

Defensive spells. Follow the same rules as her others. The stronger, the more harmful+needing more casting time. They are purple-tinted but mostly see-through and seem to shimmer with an off-magic and emit a vaguely 'wrong' aura.

  • Magic shield. Lightweight and formed around the arm like a warriors shield. usually breaks after three or four hits unless focused and cast in advance. Minimal self-harm done by the magic unless
  • Wall/barrier. large, able to protect two to three people from head on harm. Needs time for focus and casting.
  • Bubble/Barrier. Able to protect two or three people from all sides. Needs time for focus and casting as well as concentration to keep it from breaking. A hard enough hit from a very powerful source can break it.

Sahba can call into the realm of her god and summon monsters from the void between the stars, unnatural things that just the sight of them can make your brain itch. The rituals she uses to call down these beasts are some of the worst when it comes to the potency of the awful aura her magic emits. Usually these rituals involve needing blood of something 'of this world' So it is not something to be preformed in battle or fights at will. Usually she will summon creatures, or at least prepare the means to before a known battle.

  • Tentacle-centipede type creature. Has tentacles for legs and coming out each side of it's back. Covered in bulging yellow-green eyes. Is about fifteen feet long.
  • 'Horse' with four eyes and six legs. Its face splits open fours ways to reveal jagged uneven teeth and it's body patched with hair and exposed muscle. It does not fight. Sahba just occasionally summons it to be her ride on long walks.
  • Strong tentacled monsters with many eyes and mouths that seem to ooze. Their bites are poisonous and can leave someone nauseated for a few hours.
  • Winged bat like beasts with fore claw-hand tipped limbs. They seem to bend and contort in strange ways.
  • Various large insectoid creatures that bite and sting. Appearing ot have parts of many bugs as well as sometimes vaguely humanish shapes.

Kica-Kela can focus together to create stronger, more effective spells, summon more horrors, and create stronger spells which makes them much much more powerful and dangerous when in groups opposed to just one or two. Kela will rarely engage in combat alone unless threatened or attacked first.

Other Skills

She can speed up the healing process of her body while sleeping. This only counts for physical wounds. Not psychological damage or disease. Infection can still set in if a wound isn't cared for. If the wound can bleed out before her body can heal it she will die. This gives no benefit in a fight.

Sahba has recently learned how to travel using the angles of the planes. However this form of travel is extremely dangerous and she is very new to it. So for now she is still reading up, learning all the angles and associated mathematics in preparation for a day when she will need to further understand it and use it for an unknown purpose of the cult.

Sahba is fairly good at cooking, though may mess up and struggle with new ingredients.. IE: The Tenby stew incident.

She can also sew really well and imitate whale noises.



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Sahar, fraternal twin.

Brother (unnamed) Deceased at the age of five. Was not magically proficient enough.

Parents (Unnamed), Alive.

Her true father still lives.


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Who are they? Do they get along? Are they still alive and in contact?


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