Mivaxtra is a seemingly human phyrexian spy that appeared during a mission in Medela after Vincent caused a forest fire that supposedly 'burned his house down' Miv noticed Yiv among the others and was quick to hang around. He has no intentions of joining the ship permanently, but is interested in lingering around Yiv for a bit and checking up on the progress of her experimentation and work in the ships engine room.


Miv seems calm and relaxed and capable of socializing with others. While perfectly OK with social situations, he does not like it when things get overly loud.

Beyond that, Miv tends to emulate whatever emotion seems appropriate at the time based on how others in the room are reacting. If most people seem happy. He will show happiness. If most people seem sad or upset. Miv will display the same. This can be easily figured out by the fact that if one looks closely Mivs expressions would all be uncanny in appearance and his eyes would hold no actual feeling- seeming as dead and glassy as ever.

Miv is nothing more than a spy and researcher sent out to learn more about the world around them. Unlike Yiv who was flawed with her own personality and sense of self, Miv remains part of the Phyrexian whole with no true personality or free will. he works, speaks and yearns to progress and spread the ideals and society of his species be it through brutality or trickery.

When you first meet them

To strangers Miv comes off as just an ordinary passerby,a dusty and ragged traveler and hunter. May greet someone if they seem OK with that, may remain silent if they seem unwelcoming. Either way, he always has a moment to observe. You never know who might be a useful asset to pursue, or who might just simply serve well being meat in the vats.

To others they like/dislike

Miv has no ability to form friendships or become close to someone. Even to his 'sister' Yiv. Everyone is either 'worthy to become us' or 'useless meat' So both tend to get treated equally beyond those he dislikes will get the occasional cold stare, or swung at more if the situation calls for it. Those he 'likes' (coughproventheirworthtoheandhisfellowscausecough) he may offer to grant them immortality through Phyrexian modification.


In achieving true perfection in efficiency, function, and society. He believes that all should submit to his species ideal society and modifications, that all shall be one. Despite being stuck in an outwardly flesh body, he sees flesh as useless and weak.

Pain threshold

Very high, works against him as he can be injured quite severely before noticing.




Around 6 feet tall with a tanned complexion, messy and tangled dark brown hair as well as pale blue eyes. Freckles dot his cheeks, and his teeth are crooked and jagged, a few stick out. He is androgynous in appearance and rather thin, most mechanical modifications done to him are completely internal.

While looking mostly human he does have some small details that set him apart from real humans, details he usually keeps hidden such as his small sharp claws tiny spines along his back and metal plating on his chest.


Plain but protective leathers, usually covered by a fur-collared coat or a layering of ponchos obtained in the Lindow area if the patterning on them are any indication. Always wears thick leather boots and sturdy cloves that cover his entire arms. Variations to his clothing are slight. He has no concern for the fashion world and wears clothing to protect his flesh-body from harm and the elements as well as hide the few very inhuman aspects to him. His weapons, poisoned darts a small dagger, and a piano wire, hang on his belt.

Depending on region, if needed, he will dress more like the locals to blend in. Mainly in places that would be extremely hostile to nonhumans and become an issue if he wre discovered or suspected due to his form of dress.

Miv is not above crossdressing. If dressing as a lady is necessary or easier. He will do it.


Graty and hushed. As if he has been yelling a lot. With a touch of an unknown accent has no definable gendered tone. Could actually pass for male or female.

Medical History



Agile, fast, and more concerned with speed and efficiency over showing off and the like.

Miv doesn't fight to seem superior, he doesn't feel the need to as he already believes his species is superior to all. He also doesn't aim to kill unless otherwise necessary. If able Miv tries to trick or threaten certain people into accepting Phyresis and becoming one of his own kind. Usually through infecting them with disease and promising that changing will cure them, threatening, or straight up dragging them off for experimentation and alteration.

Inhuman Advancement

Heightened speed, strength, and jumping. Miv has the strength of about two beefy human men combined. While modified under the skin he is still partially reliant on flesh muscle and can be hindered by it.

He can run for long periods of time without rest, but due to the limits of flesh muscle needs to eventually rest as to not damage his body.

He can jump about three times his height.


Small dagger is just a shivvyshanker for self defense.

Poison darts are usually laced with a paralyzing toxin or disease riddled phyrexian oil.

the piano wire he carries was picked up on his travels, and used seldom as he sees it as inefficient. But it has come in use on occasion for killing or threatening.

Other Skills


Can read and write. Though has never attended school. All of his education is based on his purpose.

Medical Knowledge

Science Knowledge


Navigation by using the stars as well as map reading for when one is available. Posesses enough artistic skill to be able to make fairly detailed medical sketches.

Roleplay Setting

This version of the character only applies to Morpheus rooms. Versions of Miv outside of Morpheus rooms is actually fairly different and any interactions would have never happened in this universe. This is due to Morpheus being its own universe as well as Morpheus phyrexians differing slightly from versions used outside of said rooms.

Miv never stays in one place longer than needed. He gathers his information for the phyrexians and moves on. Due to his inability to form relationships and understand emotions nothing ever holds him back. Because of this it's possible for him to appear in all lands. He simply wears disguises, takes up an alias, and dresses to blend in and keep discreet if the populace of a particular land would be more hostile.


Spy and researcher for the phyrexians. He 'loves' this. He was created to 'love' it. It is his purpose.

Living area

When able he prefers to build shelters outside of town and cities. Nothing special. Just enough to protect from the elements and give enough space for him to work. He tears them down when he leaves.


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