The world of Morpheus is overlooked by a menagerie of gods, each god a bi-product of Data or Ventura. Every element on the Earth and its sub-elements are each assigned to a god that overlooks their specialty, from Matter to Light and Sickness to War.

Not all people are believers in the gods, but the gods' presence is one of great importance in the fabric of Morpheus law. Many races follow different gods depending on the stories told from earth and the God that is said to benefit their life the greatest.


Data is the creator of all Caoul, the beings known as mortal, and superhuman. Data works alongside Jique (Matter) to create gods to benefit, and keep Caoul alive.

Ventura is the creator of all Maori, the magic-users of Morpheus. He works alongside Enzi (Antimatter) to be able to provide an equal world for both magic and non-magic kind.


First generation 

Jique & Enzi - First generation manifested entity
  • Jique - Matter
  • Enzi - Anti-Matter

By Data

Light, Life, Earth, Fire, Ocean & Sky - Second Generation Entity - Data
  • Mielikki - The God of LifeGo to Legend of Mielikki
  • Luminophoros - The God of LightGo to Legend of Luminophoros
  • Naribia - The God of Earth and NatureGo to Legend of Naribia
  • Chalchiuhtlicue - The God of the OceanGo to Legend of Chalchiuhtlicue
  • Draco - The God of FireGo to Legend of Draco
  • Loki - God of the SkiesGo to Legend of Loki
Judgement, Luck, Rebirth, Sun & Alcohol - Third Generation Entity - Data
  • Arivu - The God of JudgementGo to Legend of Arivu
  • Ipinili - The God of Luck and Good OmensGo to Legend of Ipinili
  • Ahntheroppos - The god of Birth and ReincarnationGo to Legend of Ahntheroppos
  • Asykyarellion - The God of the SunGo to Legend of Asykyarellion
  • Ypyem - The God of Alcohol and GenderbendingGo to Legend of Ypyem
Technology & Dreams - Fourth Generation Entity - Data
  • Ferronaeas - The God of TechnologyGo to Legend of Ferronaeas
  • Kaori - The God of Hopes and DreamsGo to Legend of Kaori

By Ventura

Shadow, Death, Space, Knowledge, Trickster & Elemental Magic- Second Generation Entity - Ventura
  • Noctophoros - God of Darkness and ShadowGo to Legend of Noctophoros
  • Nusikatteliu - God of DeathGo to Legend of Nusikatteliu
  • Nehirgynus - The God of SpaceGo to Legend of Nehirgynus
  • Ferentium - The god of knowledge, Wisdom and Free WillGo to Legend of Ferentium
  • Magnophoros - The God of Elemental MagicGo to Legend of Magnophoros
  • Sephiliarin - The God of Misguidance and Bad OmensGo to Legend of Sephiliarin
Sickness, War, Star & Nightmare - Third Generation Entity - Ventura
  • Nerytunda - The God of SicknessGo to Legend of Nerytunda
  • Garrellion - The God of the StarsGo to Legend of Garrellion
  • Phlegethrain - The God of War, Blood and Suffering.Go to Legend of Phlegethrain

Nightmare - Votaria (Anti-Matter + Trickster + Darkness)

Elemental Magic - Pyro, Aqua, Air, Lightning & Earth- Magic Generation Entity - Ventura
  • Heliophoros - God of Fire MagicGo to Legend of Heliophoros
  • Aquaphoros - God of Water MagicGo to Legend of Aquaphoros
  • Aerophoros - God of Air MagicGo to Legend of Aerophoros
  • Electrophoros - God of Electric MagicGo to Legend of Electrophoros
  • Terraphoros - God of Earth MagicGo to Legend of Terraphoros


The gods are NPC's of Morpheus, and thusly should NEVER be directly played by a person.