Trickster in his new found animal form followed his brother as he did in the previous life, the two fended together against the elements and predators and never left eachothers side. However his bitter seed had not yet bloomed, the overwhelming need to protect his sibling kept him moving forward. Though on that fateful day Trickster was not caught within the vines and fell to the bottom of the hole, wasting no time he did not struggle nor cry but tried to dig his way out, much to his horror his brother did little to help, the little rabbits tears filling the hole with incredible speed despite the Tricksters cry for help, the begs for him to stop. By the time Luck had finished crying, Trickster had met a rather untimely end drowning in the tears of his sibling. In a limbo state the Elder rabbit was taken to a dream like state known as wonderland. Though he was not greeted by Alice, instead a cat with a wide grin whispered into his ear, tainting his directions and sending the creature deeper into the woods, causing him to loose sight of it all. The last sight the cat allowed him to see was that of his brother being rescued, while his cold limp body was left to rot and in a single moment of rage Trickster became bitter towards all, he made a promise that should he be brought back he would use his cunning and trickster ways to lure the innocent into sin. Upon making his promise, Ventura scooped him out from the hole and breathed life into him once again. Asking the rabbit to join him and aid him in his promise. While his brother lived in comfort Trickster was slowly poisoning Alice through her fathers words, planting the seeds of her more bizarre thoughts and actions however the real damage was done when he disguised himself as a hedonistic friend of her fathers. Leading her into a life of opium and liquor causing her to pass away from liver failure aged 21