The world holds two main Gods. Originally Ursa Sirius created a single moon to orbit the multiple planets of the galaxy as a protector. The blue shades of Ursa is the aura that would spiral and protect, while the purple would attack and destroy. The moon was half and half of each shade. Ursa Sirius is said to be its own entity, some believe she is the mother and the god of the gods, others just believe she is only the galaxy. She is, by lore, and canonically female, however. Being one moon, the negative and positive energy fought, both holding an almost human personality. Soon, the negative started cracking, originally aiming to be split 50/50 down the middle of the moon. But due to the immense power and the ability to destroy, shattered and broke away. Rendered useless in many pieces, Ventura's entity became dormant for a long time. Data then took over. As a creator, she found it easy to create Jique. The god of Matter. Together the pair fixed her moon. In doing so, Data was able to team up with her child, and the creation of 6 other gods, Light, Life, Earth, Skye, Ocean and Fire. They took the many planets in Ursa into their hands. In doing so, they created life and structure upon many; Morpheus, being in the center and the largest planet, was the most sought after.

When Data had her head start, Ventura was taking the time to plan his attack, blaming her for his shattering half. He soon created his first God, Enzi. Enzi is the god of anti-matter. Destroying and ripping apart some nearby planets Ventura fused with the remains to build himself up, increasing his power to, as well, create his first 6 gods, Darkness, Death, Seer, Time, Elemental magic, Space. He thought by adding a less natural approach to his creations, he would make them more powerful. It was then he was able to start attacking the earths that Data had put so much effort into creating. However Ventura gave the earth the darkness it needed to create balance. Data did not see it this way, fighting back in defense. Races of human and super human, against races of magic users fought upon the many worlds. Many planets were destroyed by the plague of darkness that spread across the living. Even now, the lasting worlds, like Morpheus fight. Killing each other over religion and the gods. Human vs Magic.