The legend behind Luck starts when he was just a born God through rebirth. Newborn the god had found himself at the bottom of a rabbit hole with his left back paw twisted in some vines alongside his brother who we know to be trickster. Hanging from a broken foot the creature writhed around in pain and yelped for help while it heard the scuffling of creatures above it while his brother did not make a sound, sitting to suffer in its own pain. The rabbit had been out of luck since it's rebirth and in a state of despair the small white creature proceeded to cry, and he continued until he fell asleep alongside the little black rabbit. In his dream he was greeted by a girl, he swears her name was Alice but others say it was data. The girl much like a rabbit was searching for home and had found herself in quite the trouble, but the rabbit felt the aching in his back paw and had to pull himself back to consciousness, meanwhile trickster also drifted to a dream state, the rebellious sibling refusing to call for help in his dream took off down the path, ignoring the help of a rather smug looking cat. Upon waking the creature found that the hole he was once stuck in was full of water and floating atop wrapped in vines was himself however much to his bittersweet despair the vine beside him was snapped and had sunk. In a state of grief the rabbit quickly struggled for safety and bit it's way clean. Hopping away to safety he came across a wealthy young girls house, oddly enough the girls name was Alice. The young girl took the creature in and raised it beside her at all times, and she kept him there until her very own death came around after being positioned by Tricksters words. To keep him warm Little Alice had sewn the plucky rabbit a little waistcoat and tied a lucky ribbon to his back paw, telling the rabbit that if he had not hurt his paw that day she would have never found her new companion. The rabbit was alone once again and took Alice's pocket watch..hopping off out the back garden to find his new home. Before he could get all too far he was greeted by a splendorous blue mist, the voice spoke with a soft and gentle tone and promised him Alice was at rest and to follow the mist where he could find companionship and spread the feelings of luck and joy that he had found through all his misfortune. The rabbit happily followed and was blessed as a god of Data. Taken in he found comfort in the company of his fellow gods. In the spirit of Alice the creatures plucky nature and chirpy attitude is a memoir to his best friend.