Ferronaeas was once human reborn into god status though instead of being brought back into the body of another human or creature he was brought to life through a mechanical shell, an Automaton to be exact.

Created by a prestigious engineer who found himself without company and wanting a child of his own and so he made one with his own two hands. Using the best of his knowledge on steam powered robotics he programmed and adapted the boy to be able to speak, write, read and do just about anything a human child could do. However due to his robotic outer appearance he found it extremely difficult to socialise and make friends without scaring the other children away.

One day he was even chased out of the village by a nasty and bitter group of children. Threatened to be pulled apart if he ever returned the robotic child vanished in fear. Distraught, the engineer went looking for the boy but found him nowhere. Trickster was always a malicious god, stooping to the lows of cruel the entity took form as the main child to lead Ferronaeas away and even faced the engineer himself saying the boy had fallen into the ocean while playing. In a state of grief the engineer burned his house to the ground along with all his work and breathed his last with a shot to his own head.

Alone and lost Ferronaeas found himself at the disposal of a fair owner Guiseppe. Seeing the potential in his odd appearance Guiseppe took the boy in and raised him, however he would put on shows and dress the boy up to look like a puppet. Making him dance and sing for the audience to bring in money. The other boys who were part of the show befriended the boy but tried to lead him into bad habits such as smoking, though the build up of tobacco in his steam works would be sure to break his very infrastructure. One day, he refused the performances. Understanding that he was being exploited like an object and that the only person who ever cared for him was the lowly engineer. In a fit of rage guiseppe and the carnival kids chased him into the ocean, the steam boy in a state of panic malfunctioned and was swallowed whole by a white whale. Ferronaeas remained in the belly of the whale for what is rumoured to be a hundred years before the whale became beached in Regazya and rotted away on the beach. He was free once again but without a home or any clue to where he was. As if a beacon had called out to her, Data appeared before the boy and offered him a place with her gods where he would be loved as he was by the engineer.

Ruby Riostro