Many moon's ago, after the light of the Eoduuns faded into mortality, the deity, Mielikki, bestowed man with a particular gift, in the tiny form of a child within the mothers womb.

First born upon the earth from man and woman, this was hoped to become the cause of love, and worship of youth and growth. Yet, as time dimmed evil sought to corrupt the mortal parents, faded into greed and vulgarity.

The beautiful baby girl, Ahntheroppos by name, angel by features, was traded for food and crop. Lustful the trader grew, a tiny human held within his arms. A pure treasure of the earth.'I will make her mine' he would tell himself, and as the moons phased though the cycle upon its inevitable repeat, the man waited for the baby's coming of age. Curiouser and curiouser the child Ahnthe became. Crawl, walk, talk, climb, run, explore. Soon the eyes of the man grew cautious. What if this beautiful woman, Datas gift to him,ran into the forests and failed to return? The thought was torturous, and bare it he could not. With a tug of long white hair, and a rip of the finest silk, the 12 year old girl was doomed into tower walls, seeking freedom for her new stoney prison.

For years after, her captor would ask her to marry. A lucky, and unfortunate day came upon the girls 16th birthday. A prince, handsome and kind, was dismounted from his stead and became lost withing the wooden maze of the forests to the towers heel. It did not take the wonderer long to face the foot of the castle, and seeking to quench his hunger, found his feet moving upwards against the wall, climing the cowers side before hooking himself though the window. Face to face, Eye to eye. The two strangers crossed sight. A man. Young man. Handsome man. The woman spent time with her intruder, and after stew and bread, he set of on his way home. 

Visits became common. The prince would wait until the male captor was away on business before climing the side of the tower to meet the beautiful woman within. They talked about the land outside the tower, mental picture of purest art painted in the form of words. One late noon, the two would engage in the most intimate forms of contact. Falling deeper into fascination of the others body and mind. 6 months later, pregnancy became visual. Angered at the sight the man who held the woman caged from the freedom of the outside world. forced a knife into the stomach of his prisoner. And in doing so cut the thread of life from mother and daughter before fleeing to the city. 

Upon seeing his lovers body led in deaths arms, the prince took his own life, his own light fading into nothingness in the frozen embrace of his woman and child.It is said that Ahntheroppos became the god of Rebirth and Reincarnation though the love for freedom of humanity.

All three are told to now be immortal humans, living upon the mountain peaks of Nordheim.
Ruby Riostro