The Kica-Kela  Also known as the Red Hoods, Sea Witches, or Demon Cultists, are a small, hated, group of cultists. The cult originate from Soumi however they were outcasted, now living on the island of Udhaakeh on the outskirts of Tenby. A nomadic group of Kela are said to live on the mainland of Oceania in search of something. However that group has rarely been seen.


The Kela as a people

Red robes, large glowing red eyes, and shriveled hunched postures are the trademark appearances of these dreaded cultists. However they aren't always like this. Kica-Kela children, kidnapped children, and new initiates? All start out looking just as normal as ever. Over time the magic they dabble in twists and corrupts them from human enough, to almost human. Therefore young or new cultists can sometimes be mistaken for average people.

Rescued Kela children or former cultists that rarely manage to escape with their lives will retain the warped appearances as they are not reversible

While the robes are a commonly known detail they are sometimes shed when outsiders are not present. New cultists usually make their first robes with a scrap of cloth taken from their first involved sacrifice. It isn't until then that they are allowed to leave the island.

Life cycle


Most Kica-Kela are born into the cult, or stolen as children due to a giftedness to magic. Though the rare person actively seeking out the cult to join is something that occasionally happens. Usually its mad scholars or other unstable peoples who have heard about the cults beliefs through various means (Usually reading or word of mouth)

Gaining their trust is the hardest part as they tend to be hostile toward anyone found unwelcomed on their island or surrounding islands. Once trust is gained they forbid a person wishing to join from leaving their island. Their priests teach one to adopt their ways and accept them as ones own as well as follow the entity they worship. (In other words, they brainwash you) Changing your mind isn't an option. They execute anyone who tries to deny and leave. Very rarely has anyone escaped.

Initiates are usually welcomed as one of the Kela after their first major ritual. Always involving sacrifices.

Religion and Beliefs

Notable Celebrations/Holidays

Notable Races


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Main Class