The land itself.

Herbwise, The second one steps over the property line, the entire feeling of the land changes. Things are brighter. Warmer, Lovelier. The animals tamer, happier, Birds roost where in the dark forest there were no songs, no rustles of feathers.

The grass there is green, and lush, soft to the touch and herbs and flowers grow completely wild, unbound by fence or stake. Lavender, Yarrow, rose and sage, Bees hum and pollinate the lush gardens, making sweet honey in their hives, Hives not built by human hand.

The land is somehow, alive. there is a hum in the air, a song not quite heard by human ears. An eternal breeze blows through the little glade, But its not always felt on ones face, but the trees are in a constant state of movement, the bark creaks and groans, the leaves whisper old and forgotten tales. They protect this sacred land. The trees are alive, and they know who you are.

They sway and move at the will of a Salvator.

Those hurt, body, mind, or soul, are often drawn to this place. The warmth and glow that it emanates can even be seen through the darkened woods beyond its borders.

The babbling stream happily hums as it travels through this little glade. It is a wild place, but somehow, tame at the same time.

Magic is alive here. Its in the land, the water, the air, In one corner of the glade sits a humble cabin, A black fluffy cat often occupies the sunny spot on the large wrap around porch. The porch is littered with pots, seedlings, seeds, and herbs drying on racks in the sun. Vines wrap up around the posts of the cabin, as if the land was claiming that too. Inside is where the Salvators reside. and have for many years. For as long as there has been Herbwise, There have been Salvator's.

The red headed green eyes healers are preeminently connected to the land. And some have said they can control the plant life, bend the trees to their will, And that if a Salvator is threatened, the trees will awaken. Something ancient and inherently good resides in this land, it breathes and is a living thing.

To the north, a giant and ancient oak tree stands tall and proud. This is the Center of Herbwise. The Heart of Herbwise. Surrounding the trunk of the tree are clusters of tall Stone carved in ritualistic runes of protection, health, happiness, life and peace. Often, those who have seen to much. Heard to much. Or are traumatized in some length have stayed at Herbwise for weeks, Months, and even years to rebuild their mind, body, or soul.

It is a healing place like no other. There are spots all over Herbwise for quiet reflection and mediation. Wolfs, big cats, and other mythical creatures will often seek out Herbwise for it represents protection from the dark forces of Lindow. So it is not uncommon to see the odd beast resting tamely there. All are welcome in this place. So long as they seek peace.  

Notable medics.

Cassandra Kathryn Salvator-

  • 86 years old and still going strong, the old bat was one of the first to be a healer in the lands of Lindow. Though age has taken the ability to preform any kind of surgery. The Elderly woman is still the best in the land for midwifery, Potions, spells, and healing salves and poultices. She gives off the same aura all Salvators have, though with age it gets stronger. Granny, as most call her. gives off the most peaceful and warm aura you will come across in a Salvator being the matriarch of her family.

Enya Irene Salvator-

  • A young, but talented medic and healer. Her aura is just starting to come into its own though she's discovering she has some hidden talents, Once taking down a Kela with her aura alone. Enya is a skilled surgeon with steady hands and a sharp mind. She's grown up in both Lindow and Herbwise and is good with child care, and midwifery. She is still learning from her grandmother but is already well apt at the job, she takes being a healer very seriously. As well as being able to even come up with new salves and potions Granny hadn't ever thought of! Enya is still coming into her magic.


Alissa Salvator-  

  • Enyas Aunt and Cassies daughter, next in lind for Mother Priestess. Firey mateneral Redhead 

Kenneth Salvator-  

  • Enya's cousian. Alissa's Son Only known male salvator. 

Lisa Salvator and Anna Salvator-

  • Alissa's twin daughters.

Notable features.

Treehouse in the big oak there for people who need to stay behind.

Various livestock roam, including three horses.

A handful of dogs and pups run around, occasionally leading people in who are close but not quite there. Sometimes help the more injured along, even drag the unconscious. Some act as guard dogs to the livestock.

Meta information.

The land is literally alive. It can sense you. If there are important details it should know feel free to post them. Or if you block its influence, post it.

Healing is accelerated here. If you already have a fast-healing ability, herbwise will heal it faster.

The sickly, unsettling feelings of Lindow care negated here, therefore any mental stress caused by it can be relieved.

Further room rules here.