The only main city in this throughout the frozen waste of this land is Falewind. This is a giant city made from stone that holds a appearance as white as the snow it sets upon, working as the camouflage for this city.The walls of the city are armed to the teeth with weapons and machinery to protect the city from outsiders. The middle of town has nothing except a giant statue of 'The original seven', which are the men and women who first settled and made this city what is was. In the main capital of the city which is a giant tower leading up to the sky is an entrance to the 'Underbarren', a mysterious underground vault that leads to a dull black door. None know what lies beyond this door for the key has been lost for centuries. Rumours say a dark magic is beyond the 'Underbarren', others say it is a vault for dangerous and forgotten weapons.

God's and Religion

The scavengers and monsters of the waste do not believe in the Maori or Caoul ways told by the others of Morpheus. Instead the natives of the Icy region believe in god or entity said to hold the form of a giant penguin that is rumoured to roam around the wasteland. The people say that the being creates a chilling tune that is enough to chill the bones of those who here it. and it is said that a person can hear its soft music in the wind from time to time if you listen carefully. Magic users and non-magic users are all welcome to this land without any bias.

The Original 7

These are the founders of Falewind

  • Alexander Gale
  • Alec Gale
  • Ezekiel Thomas Bawner
  • Ulyssess Saloman Daniels
  • Xavier Grant Pierce
  • Michael Willard
  • Gabriella Lucifa


There is no true form of Government in Neigoria. Since the land is so cold and the people aren't many. The land also holds no royal family or individuals, such as a mayor, to guide them. The laws and other various forms of decision rests to the people themselves to decide. As the population isn't a large amount to manage, this way works for the people.



Clothing-The clothes of the Neigorians rather lack in style but are good for what they are for, to survive the cold. Neigorian clothing consists of fur, rags, and sometimes even skin. Neigorian clothing is made out of desperation to survive Edit


Neigoria's architecture usually consists of ice being used as a building material or some use Falerock which is a hard metal found in the wastes. Their Buildings usually consists of igloos or underground fortresses, similar to Soumis design.

National holidays

The only real holiday in Neigoria is known as "The starry death." The first of every year stars will shine down as the coldest day of the year hits, killing many. It is a time to cherish loved ones and old friends