The Eoduun is a extinct species on the Earth. These were the original race to inhabit Morpheus made by the god of light. There had no free-will, and little need for evolution. The Eoduun's main reason for birth being to protect the creation of Morpheus.


They are said to resemble human skeletons, wrapped in a shroud of light. Due to the race being extinct, this is the words of legends.

Life cycle

The birth of the Eoduun would be as simple as appearing, fully formed, upon the un-developed regions of Morpheus. They hold little meaning to life, being known as simply the guardians of the world. The only way for them to meet death, would be to be consumed by shadow, were they are said to fade without being able to reincarnate.



After the Eoduun's became extinct, the skeletons of the race left behind then became the first human race. From this on, other Gods worked on the original imortality of the Human, until the god of Death dammed them into mortality. Humans are the most common race on Morpheus and are originally sectioned into Regalis, Regazya, Oceania and Libertus.