The Dagaalyahan family is the royal family of Boqorrada, Soumi.

Dagaalyahan Allibaax

Dagaalyahan Maalaianna

Dagaalyahan Aikuusha


Dagaalyahan Amiiradia

Aikuusha is the oldest daughter at 24 years old. Born on the 8th of August.

Dagaalyahan Amiiradia

Dagaalyahan Dabayalai

Now known as Sotti-Yusra-Tmokhep. She was kidnapped by the Kica-Kela Cult around the age of 5. The girl was taken from her home as it is rumoured that the cult was known to have a vendetta against the family. Dabayalai's twin Ekebe was also taken by the cult upon that night, however this was a failed kidnapping and Ekebe was returned home safely.

For an up-to-date profile of Dabayalai's current life within the cult, please read the page Sotti-Yusra-Tmokhep.


Sharing her birth with twin sister Ekebe, Dabayalai was born with a knack for magic. Having two older siblings and caring parents, she had a loved and healthy early few years and being the first royal twins of Boqorrada served its fame. They were admired my all, Dabayalai particularly so for not only her curiosity, but also for the magic gain her birth blessed her with.

The young princess had just started some very basic classes on controlling her magical gift, that when she turned five and was able to keep herself steady and focused. When not dealing with the short lesson times she usually was apt to playing outside in the sun and away from the hustle and bustle of the palace. Usually accompanied by a few servants and nursemaids, she was safe and happy.

But one day she strayed too far and was picked up by a Kica-Kela mage that hid in the bushes, and quickly carried away. They had wanted her for her magic. But not just magic. They had wanted her for revenge on the royal family as well. While another who had tried to snatch her twin was caught and eventually killed. Dabayalai was raised as a Kela mage and renamed to 'Sotti-Yusra' where she currently resides. Happy with her new life and possibly unknowing of the life she left behind.

Dagaalyahan Ekebe

Dagaalyahan Iftiimeanu

Dagaalyahan Jiidashada

Dagaalyahan Kayarayn

Dagaalyahan Lawskahi


Dagaalyahan Lawskahi

Dagaalyahan Shaahan