Creature Creah for short is a character from Unknown origins now living aboard the Septimo ship. She is a young women who looks like she is in her Early 20's that is currently a guest on the Ship. Creah hopes to soon start a Greenhouse on the ship to help with the food shortages in the future. she is also a Skilled Engineer. This young overly polite woman Crashed into this World with broken wings and is the Regular Damsel in distress. Will you Save her and win her Friendship? or will you be the one she needs Saving from?


This young woman was a very friendly and respectful girl but only when others start the conversation. She was very shy and socially Awkward. Typically she didn't speak unless spoken too. She was often spoke to herself more then she would talk to others. But when she was nervous she had a habit of Rambling on. Most of the time she is quiet and to herself but she will sometimes surprise u if she is bored enough.

When you first meet them

=== Creah is very shy and awkward, she does not Start Conversations with strangers unless that speak to her first. Unless it is important and has to do with her work. When she is working she is almost a different person. Maybe working keeps her distracted enough to not over think thing.


To others they like/dislike

Creah tries really hard to treat everyone with respect she is very polite. With friends she has none for a while she get a little less awkward  and starts to lose her word filter and just spits out what ever is in her head. Tho she usually apologies about it right away. With people she doesn't like she tries to avoid them if she can but if she cannot then she usually just pouts around.


Creah only believes in her own skill and that she must treat everyone as kindly as possible. At least to their faces.  Her hopes is to be needed and of use to her new home.


This young lady love to tinker, create and garden


Her favorite colour is Teal, her favorite foods are Sweet fruits. She love Nature, She Dislikes Foods that are overly processed to spicy or bitter.  She also Dislikes Rude people. 

If anyone would ever want to gift her something she would really love new Seeds that she has not seen before would be the best thing. It's even better if they do not tell her what it is and she can be surprised to find out what it is when it grows.


Tho she doesn't show it Creah has a fear of being alone. No matter how much she hurts she will move to another location even if it's just to awkwardly stand near someone else. She will be quiet out of her fear of starting a conversation but with all her heart she hope that she will be noticed and they will talk to her without thinking she is weird. 

Pain threshold

Creah has a extremely high pain threshold do to 11 years of torture and Experiments.  She is very weak but doesn't do much complaining she does not like to be a burden on people. Most will not know she is hurting until she collapses or if they can read between the lines.


Creah does not want people to know of her fear of being alone she wants people to think she is independent. She also does not want anyone to find out she actually cannot read. 

She keeps her wing and Tick's build plans and how there made a secret.



Creah has a small Dainty Frame of what would be the Perfect Woman, as a wood nymph known for their beauty, she has long brown hair and bright blue/green eyes. She would have been such a lovely girl. Unfortunately she spent 11 years as some Creeps Experiment (Christian Jenkinson), This poor girl is missing both legs below the knee and is covered with scars tho you will not remember seeing them after you look away do to her Nymph auto ability. Because of Necessary Creah has built herself a exoskeleton for her left hand which is almost dead without it. This giver her super strength in her hand. She is about 5,7 and weighs about 75 pounds including her Clockwork wings and boots filled with provisions.

Second Form

Creah may have a tree form later on if she discovers the abilities of her race.


This young lady prefers Feminine and Light weigh close to not weigh her down when she flies


Creahs voice is mostly quiet and  sounds as sweet and smooth as honey tastes.

Medical History

-No legs below the knee she has the option to where pegs or mechanic legs she built. 

-her left arm has no nerves and is unusable without her Exoskeleton. 

-Does not Remember anything from over 1 year ago. 

-Creah is Very Fragile Due to having all her bones replaced for Bird like ones. 

-covered head to stump with scars from experiments. 

-because of being experimented on she was given many diseases and now have immunities in her blood. These can be taken out and possibly save others in the future. She is not contagious in any way


Creah will walk away before a fight breaks out as much as she can, She knows her limits and knows she would not survive most fights. She is also a very Shy and Friendly most of the time. 

Inhuman Advancement  

Creah can fly and has inhuman strength in her left hand because of the exoskeleton  


Creah does not carry weapons unless you count her strong hand. 


Creah does not know she is magical but because of her race she has magics she doesn't realize she can do and some she may develop in the future.  

Auto Forget: Creah is a very easy to forget character. Some people may forget they have ever meet her. Others may forget what she looks like until the next time they see her.  She might go unnoticed at times by people. Because of all the Experiments and alterations this power is very faded and not as powerful other Nymphs.  Real nymphs in nature often go unnoticed because they blend in and you forget seeing them as soon as you look away. 

Faster Growth: Plants seem to grow faster around creah things that would normally take months to grow takes weeks.  Once she Learns to take control of her powers she will be able to make some plants grow before your eyes but if she tries it with Edible they will stop your hunger but have no nutrition and taste Disgusting.  

Tree Phase: Once Creah learns the Abilities of the wood nymphs will be able to teleport by walking into one tree and coming out of the next.  

Plant Form: Wood Nymph can turn into a plant to disappear by turning into a plant they touch but only for as long as they can keep their concentration, they instantly turn back if there concentration breaks. Once a Nymph masters this skill they can also turn into a Trent like creature to protect there forest. Creah Does not know this Skill yet. 

Other Skills  

Creah is a really brilliant  Inventor, Engeneer and Gardener 


This young lady is very Smart but she cannot Read she has learned her skills threw watching and trying thing for herself. 


She also Speak to plants. 

Medical Knowledge  

Creah does not know much about anatomy but she is skilled at making things to help strengthen the human body like exoskeletons and limb replacements. It's actually one of her specialties. She can also grow herbs and medicines if the medics let her know what they need. 

Engineer Knowledge  

Creah is a brilliant Inventor and Engineers her specialties are making prosthetics, working with Clockwork things and Steamworks. 

Science Knowledge  

Creah is a Botanist Great with plants she is not good with the book stuff but she can grown almost anything.  


Creah is a tinkerer who like to take things apart and make them better. She also Draws a little to make up the plans for her creations. 

Roleplay Setting 


As of This moment Creah Is still just a Guest upon the Ship and has yet to be Reclassed to any position.  Creah would love to help with Food Shortages by bringing in her Self-sustaining Greenhouse Aboard the Ship. This Greenhouse Is Very durable and is sealed off from the elements to create its own habitat on the inside. Mist machines and Clockwork Dials make sure that everything is Feed and watered like Clockwork.  a large tank that punks and Cleans Salt water (this part still needs fixing.) is sapost to make fresh water for the plants and drinking. This also comes with Creah's Assistant that watches over a 1 ½ Foot Clockwork doll with a propellor on her back. This little assistant is named Tick. Tick's main Duty is to make sure everything runs smoothly and is ready for harvest. Sometimes She does the little Harvesting. Like Peas and Strawberries anything little she can carry. 

Living area  

As of Right now Creah lives aboard the ship and has just left the Infirmary and sleeps a little Everywhere. She hopes to sleep in her Greenhouse once its on the Ship because when she is around plants seem to grow faster. 


Creah only has what she crashed aboard with. Her wings, her tools and the clothing on her back. She has used up all of her extra parts (gears, spindles, metal scraps.)  

Creah hopes to bring her assistant and the contents of her lab onboard when they dock in town. (the greenhouse and seeds.) 



The young girl was born by another name Daphne after the flower the Daffodil, she was drawn to as a infant. This little girl was loved by loving Family of Sister wood nymph, This Group of female Beauties Raise their young together as one family. Nature is our mother not any particular Nymph. Every Sister Taught her different skills and that is how their Family worked.  

At the Age of 16 This young nymph was developing to be very bright and beautiful she often ignored the warning of staying away from the paths and staying hidden deep within the heart of nature. One day her curiosity got the better of her and she moved closer to a nearby magical village hearing the cries of young women and children she couldn't help herself to go help them. She did not know that as she was getting closer these sounds where sounds created by something Bird like, something Mimicking the sounds of cries of the past. Nobody needed saving but her, she was grabbed from behind and somehow woke up as the victim of a mad man who experimented on her for 11 years. 

Remembering nothing of her past she woke up in the middle of a alleyway in tattered and torn clothing. She had no legs and could not move or feel her left arm. Someone had just left her there to die but somehow she survived and Crawled threw the streets pulling her hacking body over rocks and rubal to where she heard voices. As she emerged from the Allie people screamed in discuss at what they saw. It was a kind old man who covered her up with his cloak and brought her to his home and said. "poor little Creature you are all skin and bone. Let's get you warm and fed." The Name Creature Stuck.  

The man who took her in was a Clockmaker and noticed that Creah had an interest in what he was doing. Often she help the old man as his eyesight was not that great. He help her make her First Exoskeleton and braces and lent her his can as she learned to walk again. Somehow she already new lots about the Craft its like she had 11 years Experience but she never knew how she got this.  

The Old man Died 4 months after he saved her She tried to continue his business but nobody would see a "wretched creature" about a clock. She was soon chased out of the town and many towns after that. It wasn't until recently when she moved to Regazya that she was able to settle in hidden near the docks she built herself a lab where she locked herself in to work with only the company of Tick the Doll she created out of Doll and Clock parts and a few visits by her landlord the Dock keeper who she fixed things for. 

Creah had been working on a set of wings that he was curious one day and he had tampered with them and convinced her to test drive them. (that’s  when she crashed on the ship) 


Not that she Remembers but Creah had a happy childhood living in the Forest with her Nymph Sisterhood raised in nature where they thrive. Everything was Green and beautiful. Plants grew thick and full of Fruit and nobody ever went hungry there. Until she was Captured... 

First Appearance  

My very first Entrance and how I came to arrive on the Ship. 

"take a test run he said.. everything will be fine. He said" She yelled as she flew threw the sky. " oh ya, last time I trust anyone else make adjustments to my precious works of art" She yells as she starts losing altitude. "I cannot land in water with these things they will drag be to the bottom." She panics as she scans the horizon for anything that could save her. "come on.... a little longer.. " Springs and nuts start falling into the water as she spots her only hope and she makes a b-line for it. CRASH. Loud noises could me head from above as her Clockwork wing give way and she crashes threw the watch tower of a oddly shaped whale ship. She Groans as she picks herself up and inspects the damage to herself and the surroundings. Thankfully there is very little blood. She hates the sight of blood she tries not to look at the gash on her arm.


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As a Nymph, Creah is born to another nymph but sees mother nature as their true mother. Their birth mother are just another sister. Creah Does not remember any of this. 


Nymphs are all sisters. Creah Does not remember any of this. 


Creah has Tick a Creation, she is a little Doll about 1 ½ Feet talk who flies on a little propellor made of Clock hands. She is often Creahs voice. Creah is less shy if Tick is around. 


Creah has no partner 

Past Lovers 

Creah has never had a lover. 


So far Creah is having difficulty making friend few people talk to her without giving her a hard time. 


Any medics would clearly see the medical stuff when I see them

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