Warrior of the wild. The barbarian fights with raw force over discipline. A hardened warrior soul.


The barbarian fights for his own, his and his clan/tribe's honour. What they lack in discipline they make up for in raw force.

where many see safety in numbers in the civilized lands. A barbarian only see noise and danger. His safety is his weapon in the wilds. A tankard of ale in the woods with his weapon and his friend is all he needs. 

Life cycle

A barbarian is born into the world in the wild parts of the world. From The Clanwarriors and the tribes of Nordheim. To the jungles of Suomi and the cold harshness of Plumdonia. There is Barbarians.

Raised to fight from an early age they are trained to fight and kill with honour. Honour may wary from region to region. But their fiery souls never change.

This is seen in their short life-spans. Often a Barbarian have a few ceremonies based around physical strength, speed and endurance.

a comming of age ceremony are held where they have to hunt down either an animal or a person.

-Ritual wars are another ceremony that many barbarian tribes have. Where they line up their fighters and fight it out with few to no casualties.

Religion and Beliefs

Nusikatellu, the god of death, Ypyrem, the god of alcohol and genderbending. Phleghatrin: The god of war blood and suffering. Nariba: The god of nature. are all important gods for the barbarian.

Notable Celebrations/Holidays

Notable Races

Orcs. Half-orcs, Half-elves. humans.


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Main Class

Barbarian warrior. Strong and tough.

Sub Classes

Barbarian mage: Can be known as shaman, witch-doctor or other such names. They are mostly healing and elemental mages with a dash of totems and other nature magic. Tough in a fight, but not specialized into one magic group so they know less strong magics, also can't learn a lot of typical civilized mage stuff.

Notable Locations