Atticus is a character from Lindow / Septimo

Atticus is an ancient living spell tome whos origins are fogy, but he has been a resident of lindow for at least 60 years. He came to be on the ship via Sweetpea, who stole him from a very prestigious mage school.


Atticus is often detached and impartial, viewing the world at face value. Being that he is a spell book. He is capable of becoming irritated with others that he feels are illogical, but his emotions are shallow.

However this does not mean that things such as humor and sarcasm are lost on him, he simply chooses not to respond to it.


Atticus collects any and all spells/potions/invocations/rituals that he does not already have cataloged within his own pages.


Atticus is particularly vulnerable to fire and water, but it is not easy to get him to allow you to expose him to these things.

He is also unstable when his past is mentioned, by those who know it.

Pain threshold

He is a book, made of pages.

Pain is not something he can feel, however the loss of pages does make him distraught, as many of the spells contained within him are ancient.


Atticus never speaks of how he came to exists in this world, as some part of him remembers what he used to be.
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Example of how Atticus eye would appear.



Atticus is a near 9ft tall towering mass of spell pages.

He would appear as a scholarly individual with a long hooded robe and within the hood is an 'eye'.

He has four arms that end in 3 fingers on each hand instead of the 'wings' many of his kind have.

Second Form

Atticus second form is that of a hefty spell tome.


Atticus secondary form, a large spellbook


Atticus has a very wispy, dry voice that is fairly quiet.


Atticus does not often engage in combat but when he does he can be a danger to combatants and civilians alike.

His magical skill is extreme and he can call uppon any spell within his pages.


Bein a book of spells, Atticus has access to any Spell, Ritual and potion contained within him.

He does however have problems with any spell requiring the caster to actually be a person, wet or on fire.

Other Skills

Atticus can cook if presented a recipe and has excellent penmanship.

Any information found within his pages can be put to use by him from potions to healing balms.


Its hard to tell exactly what Atticus knows, but he did occasionally sit in on classes at the Lindow mage school.


Atticus has very basic knowledge of any language from places that commonly have spell casters.

Science Knowledge

Atticus knows of common scientific concepts, as quite a few are parts of certain schools of magic.


Atticus is a fiend with organization, especially when it comes to books, papers and information.

Roleplay Setting

Atticus is on the ship, with Sweetpea and will go where the ship does, but Lindow is where he is 'from'



Living area

Either the Library or Sweets bag.


He has a quill with ink and parchment that he uses occasionally to add to his collection of spells.



Atticus came into being when the owner of the book that he is died. A powerful arch mage who ended life with their spell book. Part of the mages spirit stayed behind and inhabited their tome, giving it life and a consciousness of its own.

Due to this the spell book has qualities and mannerisms similar to their owner, taking upon themselves their owners wishes during life. Atticus continues his asters quest to gather every spell known to the world.

First Appearance

Atticus first appeared with Sweetpea. He was taken to the kitchen and Sweets demanded a potion recipe. When atticus refused to give it, Sweets threatened him and Atticus responded by nearly setting the kitchen on fire.


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Atticus first appeared on ship with Sweetpea, who had stolen him from the Lindow mage colleges collection of rare and powerful spellbooks.

He was taken to the kitchen and Sweets demanded a potion recipe. When atticus refused to give it, Sweets threatened him and Atticus responded by nearly setting the kitchen on fire and sending Sott overboard.



Zachariah Dysart - Previous caretaker


Roleplayed by Murdrac