Assassin's are a group in the Rogue class. Assassins work best from the shadows, striking hard and fast, and work best never being seen. The best Assassins can complete a job without anyone knowing they were there.


Assassins are killers for hire, and are often trained in the class from a young age. Assassins work from the darkness, and make their work almost like an art form. They specialise in quick, deadly kills that let them slide back into the shadows undetected, or indirect kills that eliminate targets while the assassin is safely away.

Assassins are master infiltrators, specialising in blending in and not being noticed. They are accomplished actors, knowing how to put on a mask to fool their target. Assassins are also ruthless, they do their job and take the money, no questions asked.

Life cycle

Assassins are generally first trained in the ways of the rogue, using quickness and wit rather than brute strength. The Assassin then moves onto learning how to not be noticed, how to use the shadows for their advantage, how to carry themselves like a high born or how to bled in like a peasant. The best Assassin completes the job and is away before anyone notices they were there in the first place..

Religion and Beliefs

Most Assasins worship Gods that have to do with Darkness, Death or Shadows.


Not all Assassins are magic users, but notible magic that is useful in the Assasin trade is Necromancy, Shadowmancy and Bloodmancy.


Sub Classes

Military Trained: Often, in some militaries, there will be a specific sub set that deals with assassination work. These members of the military will be trained to operate behind military lines, and would recieve specilist training different to other members of the army. Assassins in the army are usually rarely talked about, whispers and rumours being the bread and butter of their trade.

Notable Locations