Amaya Okumura is a character on Septimo.

She is a kitsune that first snuck onto the ship to escape a slave trade at 18. Now 23, she was introduced to the crew and made a hunter and gatherer for the ship after Deerboy found her hiding in the rafters of the ship.


Amaya is a Zenko Kasai Kitsune which means that she gentle, sweet, and naive. Though when provoked she can become a vicious and unrelenting fighter. She loves children and animals, often the kitsune can be found playing with the rats that she somewhat tamed on the ship.

When you first meet them

She is shy, quiet, and a bit reserved.

To others they like/dislike

She mostly ignores people she doesn't know/like. She treats the people that she likes with respect, offering presents or her valued sugar cookies to them.


Amaya often prays to and celebrates the following Gods/Goddesses who have given her the tails and her powers:

  • Draco- The one who gave her the 1st tail
  • Asykyarellion-The one who gave her the 2nd tail
  • Phlegethrain-The one who gave her the 3rd tail
  • Heliophoros-The one who gave her the 4th tail
  • Magnophoros-The one who gave her the 5th tail
  • Ferentium-The one who gave her the 6th tail


Braiding hair, eating sugar cookies, playing/cuddling with Kala's big ol' woofer, playing with her semi-trained ship rodents.



  • Sugar cookies
  • Animals
  • Children


  • Water
  • Unseasoned food
  • Celery


Children and baby animals are some of the few things that can emotionally manipulate Amaya completely. Other things such as hurting her friends can also effect how she feels.

She fears water because she cannot swim. She also fears losing her sense of smell and sight.

Pain threshold

Amaya reacts to pain with an almost dead expression. Her past abuse is the cause of this.


Amaya was in a slave trade from age 6 to 18. She was often beat, sexually assaulted, and defiled. She has only ever opened up to one person about it but he now is off of the ship and raising a family somewhere.



Amaya ranges from 135 lbs to 145 lbs depending on food intake.

Two clear crimson eyes survey her surroundings. A gentle nose rests below, but it's the smile below that takes all the attention. A happy smile reveals two small canines and a longish tongue. Large pointed fox ears with piercings and a reddish tint on the tips sit on each side of her narrow head, which itself is covered in long snowy white hairs.With pale skin, her long athletic body stands straight. Two arms dangle at her sides and end with long fingers and strong sharp nails. Her legs are muscular and stand straight, each ending in dainty feet. Nine white-black tipped tails protrude from her back, her body is covered in red markings and her shoulders are about the same width as her pelvis.

Amaya fox

Second Form

She can shapeshift into a six-tailed fox.


Wardrobe: Usually a black tee that cuts off and exposes her midriff. Armor covers her arms and shoulders. A crimson skirt covers her legs and black boots cover her feet.


She wields a large scythe, so hand to hand combat is her first choice. Kunai and Shuriken are her long range weapons. Her last defense would be her magic. She rarely uses it because once she does, she slips into a deep sleep or state of exhaustion.

Inhuman Advancement

Heightened senses, she can run 31mph, she is able to jump 12ft vertically, sharp resilient nails.

No explanation needed she's literally a fox.


Large shuriken stays sheathed upon her back, four thin points engraved in spells.

Hand to hand combat is her first choice. Kunai and Shuriken are her long range weapons. Her last defense would be her magic. She rarely uses it because once she does, she slips into a deep sleep or state of exhaustion.


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Other Skills


Amaya was taught by a former crew member Ethan. He taught her how to read and cook, ensuring her that the most important thing was eduction. When he left she continued her education with the books he had left her.


She knows Ashian and Albanian are her main languages.


  • Cooking
  • Making tea
  • Sewing

Roleplay Setting

Often enough she is in the kitchen, library, lookout spot, or the lounge.


Amaya is a hunter/gatherer for the ship because she is swift, efficient, and she's able to carry heavy loads.

Living area

Amaya has a bottom bunk, hung up on the post there can be found a huge grizzly skin(She often uses it in the winter as a coat.). On her bed are soft blankets made of rabbit fur. Around her bed lies stacks of books that Ethan gave her, sachels with tools to skin animals, and a little sheepskin rug.


Amaya has a small trunk tucked under her bed with extra Shuriken, furs to create made-to-order blankets for crew members.



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