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• 7/2/2017

URGENT 01-07-2017 Roleplay Break

Hello all, I have come to the decision that it is in the best interests of the players to close the room for a short period. Two mods and myself, have expressed a desire to take a break and I feel as the room owner that the best decision is to temporarily close the room. Any rooms owned by me under the MORRP tag will be made private however others are welcome to open side rooms associated with Morpheus should they so choose to.

Why are the main [MORRP] rooms closing?

Due to IRL issues among players and expressed desire for a momentary break. As stated above you are welcome to keep side rooms open and continue Roleplay in Private Chats with eachother but please be aware of the current storyline. If you wish to promote or make a side room in my absence, please label the room as [MORRP] and put them BOTH in the comments of this post, and in the relevent Discord Channel.

How long will the main [MORRP] rooms be closed for?

An exact time is yet to be decided but there will be a revier period every saturday where I personally will speak with the mods and decide if it is time to re-open the rooms. I aim aiming for this to be no longer than two weeks however this time period will be up for alteration. There is also a discussion being held about a potential timeskip in terms of sorting out characters and bringing on new ones.

What am I supposed to do with my Characters!?

The ship itself has left Grezia but will still be docked nearby while repairs are underway on the Engines, this means you can still Roleplay as if your character is on the ship in private chats and such. If you desire to take any characters off or send them elsewhere that is also fine as long as it makes sense and be sure to check geographically if you plan for your character to be used in another side room (Eg Your character cannot go from Regazya to Plumdonia in a few days but would likely be able to go to neighbouring islands in smaller amounts of time.) You are welcome to plan and play out missions between you on land however I would like to stress that these need to be played out on land and not on the ship. Please make any roleplay room public to everyone, and include everyone in group roleplay. Preferably an overview of how the mission went with basic information would be submitted to the room owner. Try not to kill eachothers characters please :) 

What happens when the RP resumes?

When reopened there will be a celebration held in Regazya as well as a change in Captainship. Any major changes in your characters or suggestions for storylines should be taken to the room owner for verification. There will also be a change in roles and ranks among players, this will be arranged when necessary. Mod positions will also be up for review, at this moment in time the only concrete mods upon return will be KaliAequitas and PhyrexianAequitas/SahbaAntar.

But AAAAAAAAAANJ what are we supposed to DO!?!?!?!?

Well my little Septishits I'm glad you asked. There is still plenty of work that needs to be done on the wikia and the top of that list is a rehaul of all the races. If you can help out and dedicate a little spare time to helping it will be done much quicker. I also ask for people to try and tie up any loose ends and finish up profiles as well as look over any old profiles that may need updating. If your profiles are unfinished this can result in a stripping of a rank. I also welcome any basic grammar and speling checks as well as categorising all pages and making sure it is all easy to navigate.

If you have any other questions please don't be shy, I'm available on IMVU, Discord and Facebook. 

- Anju  

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• 7/2/2017

imvu://room/PhyrexianAequitas/%5BMORRP%5D+Lindow+RP  Lindow room.  (Both links will be getting edits soon.)

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