01-06-2017 Out of Character (OOC) meeting.

I apologise for not posting the last meeting notes. Here are the notes from this weeks meeting.

List of who attended...

  • BankieAequitas
  • CeriAequitas
  • Cymedr
  • Ebony/IvoryAequitas
  • GhostAequitas
  • KaliAequitas
  • Murdrac
  • RebellionAequitas
  • Vesperism

Introduced changes to the advance players guides and new players guides. Asked for input on the guides, mainly the advanced guide. Ivory expressed the importance of peoples input on this as it is what they will have to enforse and follow themselves


Kali asked if there any rules about postage spam? Like when someone replies to a post and it take up three seperate lines. Ivory told her there isnt a rule, that she wont make it a rule, because unless your newbie to rp, its commonsence. If players see this, please ask the person to post in one post.

Bankie Requested for some guidelines for inviting friends to the RP, how people shouldn't invite 'fuckboys' into the RP. (Out of meeting note; anyone can be invited into the roleplay. If they are negitive, as long as moderatorys and the room owner work together to give accurate warnign system, the rp will run smooth.) Ivory noted that friends are welcome, but inviting friends/family/masters/subs etc into rp to ONLY rp with them is a issue. 

Ceri mentioned about how 'indepth' a character profile should be. Wether theres infomation they can not include incase of metagaming and the detail that should be included.

Ivory did remind people that nothing in the advance guide is 'ask to leave' worthy, and i will put a note that all this is prefferance for a smooth rp and there will be no warning for not following, but failer to not follow will result in the group somewhat faultering. She also mentioned that Acro has left due to a issue between her, and the room owner. Ivory expressed that she does not want something like that happening again, and people should not be 'scared' of talking to her. She said 'Im a room owner before friend when it comes down to issures that could be borderlining negitive towards the group. But, I need to to talk to me, and as i have mentioned, mainly on discord, your issues is not why the moderators are here. I am here to help you, and I am here to ensure the roleplay runs smooth in and out of character, with your help. I need to know if you are upset with somehing that involves the rp or people in it. I need to know if you feel out of place, and why, I need to know if you feel unincluded attacked or whatever else. But, most importantly, if something happens in the rp room, or outside that can effect the rp, I NEED EVIDENCE.'

The mods in the room stood forward to offer help with this. To what Ivory said how If the mods are approached the mods shouldlet the person know that you need to talk to the room ownerabout it.

Ivory has requested for... AVATARS WHERE OCS ARE OR MODS WILL GIVE WARNINGS - Exception being if on mobile

For the ongoing storyline, Ivory mentioned it was looking at being around a 13 peice quest that will last about 18 months. Before then, there will be a timeskip of about 2 months. (Without calender being effected) In the timeskip Matthew will step down and there will be a new captain, the matesystem will also be stripped. 

Bankie asked if he could do his own attack on ship. Ivory reminded him that this is always okay, just makesure people are online for it and that he would need to put a mission summary, and a pre-warning to let people know to be online for it. preferably 2 days prior.

Regions was brought up after Ghost asked where her OC would be from. When Lindow was mentioned Ivory told everyone how Lindow needs to stop being refered to as a Edgelord captital. How there was many negitive areas on morpheus and if anything Lindow would me known as one of the most excepting of areas of morpheus.