03-04-2017 In Character (IC) meeting.

IvoryAequitas: Matthew waits in his cabin with a tankard of wiskey while alex, sapphire and Xavier to theyre thing in the corner. Wes probs suckling some bloodies out his his blood bitch, jacob like........ being jacob. Diana counting bugs, christian brooding in corner.... y get the jist :D

Amaritude: Thomasin walked into the meeting room and took a place at the back of the room, leaning against the wall with her arms crossed, her expression passive.

PhyrexianAequitas: Yiv walked in being as cute as she was forced to be.  Her face still a sneer of noping.  She still dripped some blood and oil from earlier, staining the floors but seemingly not her tooth rotting appearence.

Acro: The little blue thing followed Thoma into the room, peering around her to see who all were in the room. She moved to stand beside her, glancing about to admire any shiny things that may be around.

IvoryAequitas: He looked over to Yiv. "Arn't you looking cute." Mattews room was a mess, but for such a special occation, he kicked all the shit into the corners just for you guys :D He smiled slightly across the group. Those who were not on shift were invited to crowd in the mans small room :D "Right, I would to greetings and make this a formal peice of shit, but, you all know who eachother are, and if you don't, jesus, start talking more guys."

PhyrexianAequitas: Rrrrr!  Yiv sat heavilly on a crate and tapped her fingers as she waited, making a loud rythmic click click noie.

Amaritude: Thomasin grinned a little at Matthew's comment towards Yiv, but did not say anything. Instead she smiled at Mirella and waiting for the meeting to start.

Acro: Little blue had a sheepish smile in those eyes as she looked back at her for a moment. Mirella swayed a small bit before settling into place and waiting too.

IvoryAequitas: "Help yourselfs to drinks and what not." .... What was yiv and Mirella like intoxicated, one must find out. "Im going to make things clear. The septimo Law and Protocols is pinned up in the study area, use it. I can put a copy in the cells if you would like, ANYONE can preform a interogation, simply communicate it to me after. You do not have to interogte in cells if they do not seem a threat, just, make sure noone is around and there is two of you availible. It is simply the case that the cells always has a prison guard and is away from others that it is easier.

PhyrexianAequitas: Yiv lifted a finger.  "But a guy broke into the engines, assulted me, and was still interviewed outside and allowed to stay... but I was told I would be thrown overboard and threatened many times before I was crew?  he didnt sound mad.  But she was confused.

Amaritude: Thomasin did not comment for the moment, she simply listened, she would ask any questions at the end of the meeting. Though she did take something to drink, slightly regretful that she had run out of vials. She looked at Yiv a little surprised. When was this exactly?

Acro: Mirella tilted her head, glad that was cleared up, she guessed. She watched Thoma moving around before Yiv spoke. The blue thing tilted her head when was this? She had a sneaking suspicion that she knew who the culprit was.

IvoryAequitas: "Was that Logan, he seemed charming when I spoke to him. If you are put in that situation again, which may be common if you are face to face with someone who is unaware of something. Take it to myself, or someone else to deal with. If they attack you, defend youself, but to know its attack, you need to know how humans minds work. If I feel someone is dangerous, I draw my gun, not to assult, but to defend myself if needed. Reasure you meen no harm and you live here, and if they continue being assholes, break there wrist or something, but again, if you dont recognice someone, makesure your never alone okay?" He went into more detail when talking to Yiv. "Anyone else have questions and what not?"

Amaritude: Thomasin nodded. That all seemed to make perfect sense to her.

PhyrexianAequitas: "I did, try anyway.  He assulted me.  "  he shook her head.  "I will do that next time."  next person to assult her joins the closet.  The 'child' went quiet.

IvoryAequitas: "Ofcourse, you have noticed were not moving. Theres a suspicious man on ship who is not showing respect and is sneaking around the lowerdecks. To ensure you are all safe, the ship and yourself,we cannot move until the man is restrained and, at this point, slaughterd. Andother one for your closet perhaps yiv." He was so chill about it. giving the dead tothe creepo scientists, yiv included, was a way to keep the bodys down.

PhyrexianAequitas: "Wait the man with the eyepatch."

IvoryAequitas: He looked to Yiv, about to speak, Jacob how ever spoke up instead [Jacob] Yeah! Thats the asshole! He was in my engines sneaking about!"

PhyrexianAequitas: "I saw him earlier with the blue human."

Acro: ‘A sneaking man?’ Mirella seemed slightly more interested. Hearing Yiv she looked to her. ‘Eyepatch.’ She blinked. ‘Not shiny?’ So he was bad? Mirella seemed to pout, sketching a slight drawing of a washroom. She had only shown him where it was, she didn't realize he was some problem.

Amaritude: Thomasin looked down at Mirella with an eyebrow raised before giving a brief Sketchbook to speech translation. "I think she's saying that she was only showing him where the washroom is."

PhyrexianAequitas: "Thats where I saw him."  Yiv folded her hands in her lap.

Acro: Mirella nodded when Thoma spoke, jotting a small drawing of a stickfigure being eaten by a shark. She turned it to show to Thoma, her head tilting in questioning.

Amaritude: "Uh... I don't know if you can eat him."

Acro: She slouched, huffing a small sigh.

Vesperism: Wes quietly opened the door, the action almost silent, and took a seat on one of the baskets surrounding the table where everyone else was. It was rare he was late to things like this, but everyone made mistakes. He'd been... busy, anyway. He'd caught small snippets of the conversation outside the door, mostly catchig "eyepatch".

IvoryAequitas: "After we catch the fucker, we can all get a bit out of him. I can shot him, You can eat some of his, jacob can have his hands and feet after we give yiv a limb. Christian can have the brain and we can give the rest out in some cupcakes." Matthew took his notes, writing up the meeting and handign it to Wes. "Read though and continue for me taking notes alright.? Good for you to join us."

Amaritude: She privately thought that she might pass on the asshole cupcakes, shaking her head a little with vague amusement. She did not question what Mirella had told her because she had no real reason do.

Vesperism: Wes took the notes from Matthew and nodded, flipping the pen in his fingers as he waited to write.

Acro: Mirella liked the idea of that. She bounced softly at the thought of a snack. While the blue thing did promise she wouldn’t eat anything but seafood, if they were bad it was a different story.

IvoryAequitas: [Jacob]] If you want human fleash, i have some resipies y'can enjoy." He chuckled, Matthew coughing in disruption to get them back on track [Matthew] We have some new people. There is some people I need to find placements for. Sweetpea... the big person.... Any other new people I cannot remember?"

Amaritude: "Thaclal, for the big person. And Tahoma now he's back I suppose."

Acro: Her nose wrinkled, blushing in her own way as the blue color drained from her face completely for a moment. She didn’t want it, too much trouble to think that way. The blue thing looked to Matthew at the sound of his voice. ‘Oh right. Meeting.’ She blinked and thought about it for a moment. Only new person she knew about was to become a meal. She hadn't met anyone else, that she could remember.

IvoryAequitas: "Okay. So, We have a new co captain who is Xavier Jenkinson-Descartes. First mate is Alexander Gale, Second Sapphire the Gentle and Third is Weston Beauvigard (Or how ever its spelt) Any concerns, bring it to us. And, to the others, if someone does tell you something, please still pass it over to me.

Amaritude: Thomasin continued to lean back against the wall, she nodded once at his words, to show that she understood, but remained passive and silent. She let her eyes fall on each of the people whose names were mentioned in turn, but she knew most by now.

PhyrexianAequitas: Yiv tilted her head.  She only knew Matthew and Wes.  "Who?"

Acro: Mirella had met all but Alexander, her eyes moving from face to face as she made mental notes.



IvoryAequitas: "Every monday, ill be here waiting, a meeting will be held. Any thing you wish to arise as a consern, please bring to me the weekend before and i will raise it. Other than that, for the week, its normal, celerations every weekend up in the tower as normal. I will let you know the ship is moving when I can.

PhyrexianAequitas: "I will keep watch for the eyepatch meat when I can."  Yiv nodded.

Acro: The blue thing doodled along one page, she too would be keeping an eye out for snack..Uh guy.

Vesperism: Wes finished writing and paused to look over what he wrote, glancing over it for mistakes. He didn't see any at the moment, so he handed the notes back to Matthew. He'd have to visit the tavern again before they left, just for a change of scenery.

Amaritude: Was that everything then? Thomasin stood up, brushing down her clothes for a moment as she waited to see if there was anything else or if they were dismissed.

Acro: Mirella watched as Thoma seemed to prepare to leave. She did the same, stretching softly as a yawn formed and broke against the mask.[x-x blah]