Ente isla

Name  Ente Isla 

Type  Country 


Area (km²/mi²) 

9.222 thousand km² 

Cities:  Demacia,Britannia 

Mountains  Lots of them. 


Notable races :

Humans  Winter elves,Humans,winter fae,snow golems, 

Population  800,000 

Language(s)  Albanish  Lyonese 

ReligionReligion(s)  N/A 


Creator samael Dion (JackCross imvu) 

History:ente isla was founded on 4 major islands and one main one in the middle off the coast of vittoria.its founders wanted to make a place for both maori and caoul alike to live in peace.when the war started vs libertus ente isla was a great contributer offering money food weapons and infantry to help the vittoria troops in battle.ente isla has two major cities Demacia and Britannia.