28th March - Oceania Quest

Date: Monday 28th of March

Time: UTC + 1, 6.00PM

Location: IMVU Client 

Meta-Leader: IvoryAequitas

Lady Kura-Skye Everett has hired the Septimo to look for a friend of the Hazaelian Kingdoms missing children. One child was discovered in Tenby, Oceania . It is up to the septimo to find the other child, and return them to the family.

On Friday, 25th of March, a group of people would set out on a quest for a item known as Vita Orbs. These orbs are located in the centre of the desert. It is up to the outside help of the ship, Christian Jenkinson and the Kica-Kela trio to guide them across the wasteland of Oceania to the temple on which they can be recovered.

Vita Orbs : A item used in Morpheus to return a individual to full health and/or return a soul to a dead body, thus returning life.

The character in play for this mission are...

Note: If you have not been listed above and are intrested in the mission, please contact roleplay owner to be added to the list.