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• 7/7/2018

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• 7/2/2017

URGENT 01-07-2017 Roleplay Break

Hello all, I have come to the decision that it is in the best interests of the players to close the room for a short period. Two mods and myself, have expressed a desire to take a break and I feel as the room owner that the best decision is to temporarily close the room. Any rooms owned by me under the MORRP tag will be made private however others are welcome to open side rooms associated with Morpheus should they so choose to.
Why are the main [MORRP] rooms closing?
Due to IRL issues among players and expressed desire for a momentary break. As stated above you are welcome to keep side rooms open and continue Roleplay in Private Chats with eachother but please be aware of the current storyline. If you wish to promote or make a side room in my absence, please label the room as [MORRP] and put them BOTH in the comments of this post, and in the relevent Discord Channel.
How long will the main [MORRP] rooms be closed for?
An exact time is yet to be decided but there will be a revier period every saturday where I personally will speak with the mods and decide if it is time to re-open the rooms. I aim aiming for this to be no longer than two weeks however this time period will be up for alteration. There is also a discussion being held about a potential timeskip in terms of sorting out characters and bringing on new ones.
What am I supposed to do with my Characters!?
The ship itself has left Grezia but will still be docked nearby while repairs are underway on the Engines, this means you can still Roleplay as if your character is on the ship in private chats and such. If you desire to take any characters off or send them elsewhere that is also fine as long as it makes sense and be sure to check geographically if you plan for your character to be used in another side room (Eg Your character cannot go from Regazya to Plumdonia in a few days but would likely be able to go to neighbouring islands in smaller amounts of time.) You are welcome to plan and play out missions between you on land however I would like to stress that these need to be played out on land and not on the ship. Please make any roleplay room public to everyone, and include everyone in group roleplay. Preferably an overview of how the mission went with basic information would be submitted to the room owner. Try not to kill eachothers characters please :) 
What happens when the RP resumes?
When reopened there will be a celebration held in Regazya as well as a change in Captainship. Any major changes in your characters or suggestions for storylines should be taken to the room owner for verification. There will also be a change in roles and ranks among players, this will be arranged when necessary. Mod positions will also be up for review, at this moment in time the only concrete mods upon return will be KaliAequitas and PhyrexianAequitas/SahbaAntar.
But AAAAAAAAAANJ what are we supposed to DO!?!?!?!?
Well my little Septishits I'm glad you asked. There is still plenty of work that needs to be done on the wikia and the top of that list is a rehaul of all the races. If you can help out and dedicate a little spare time to helping it will be done much quicker. I also ask for people to try and tie up any loose ends and finish up profiles as well as look over any old profiles that may need updating. If your profiles are unfinished this can result in a stripping of a rank. I also welcome any basic grammar and speling checks as well as categorising all pages and making sure it is all easy to navigate.
If you have any other questions please don't be shy, I'm available on IMVU, Discord and Facebook. 
- Anju
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• 6/3/2017

03-06-2017 In Character (IC) Meeting notes.

Copy and paste of the roleplay meeting.
IvoryAequitas: Matthew would call the meeting. He normally done so with only high rank crew, but this time, his room was open to all. He leaned into his armchair, looking out across the area of the hoarders paradise. Paper, bottles and books were clearly his obsession. Leerin, Diana and Topaz were there also. Maybel and Alek were not. This was the first lot of crew. He would talk to all 100 crew members, and all of them would have the same infomation said to them.
RebellionAequitas: Xavier and Venus were also present, Xavier always did his best to be there as a representitive for the engines. Venus just liked to be kept well informed.
KaliAequitas: Thomasin wandered in and took a place where she would not draw too much attention. She was curious about what this could be all about, and did not envy Matthew having to do this talk every five minutes. She eventually took a place by Olive, who was trying not to exist surrounded by this many people.
Cymedr: Micah was present at the meeting, tucked inton a corner and doing his best not to fall asleep. He could really use a nap.
DrunkenAequitas: Planke and Peter are there as well, with Planke drinking rum while sitting leaning on a wall while drinking Rum, Peter on her shoulder.
Guest_JackCross: evan tho new he thought tobe kal would walk into the room sat down ans waited thre-
Vesperism: Wes was on time to the crew meeting for the first time in forever and decided to stand next to one of the bookshelves. He didn't think it would take too long.
DarkAngelX4: Creah was let out of her cell long enough to hide in the corner and listen in
Murdrac: Xyn exsisted, leanin on the wall just inside the doorway, arms crossed.
IvoryAequitas: "Right, Were docking in regazya hopefully on Monday unless there are complications... and I needed to call this urgent meeting. Our medical stores are low, we have no livestock... and about a bag of grain and oat left... and there is no fish in these waters. So for good of the crew, Xavier has agreed to turn into a mighty whale and allow us to feest of whale steaks until dock~" The man looked over to Xavier with a grin. "Ofcouse im joking and you all who need nurients are i for a terrible few days. Humans and other race that need substanace, I dont want you working at all, you get days off and focus on fluid intake. Us that can manage with out large amounts of food, we will run the ship."
DrunkenAequitas: Planke raises a brow at that and saysDoes that mean me hafta work other parts o'the ship than the Bar, cap'n'? Planke asks as she drinks from her rum-bottle. and Peter the parrot says Craa. no Grains. craa. no grains craa. Planke working the ship. craa. Planke working the ship craa
Vesperism: Wes's eyebrows rose slightly. This would be quite a blow until they reached Regazya. In this instance, he was glad to be a vampire, and glad Blanche had left so he was forced to bring bags of blood aboard with him. Just a small stroke of luck.
KaliAequitas: Thomasin and Olive nodded. They were human and Elven, so they would have to take a back seat. Thomasin would probably be fine a little longer than the small ginger, but she would still suffer. That was just the way it was she supposed.
RebellionAequitas: Xavier blinked a few times at first, as if he expected that to be a true statement. Giving a small chuckle as it was quickly dismissed, threading a hand through his hair. "Believe me if there was more I could do to help I would." He reassured, even if he did swim out to get more food it'd take him just as long to return with the food as it would for the ship to reach land. Venus' head perked up at the mention of a break, that meant some precious days of rest. Even if it did mean having the rumblies for a few days.
Cymedr: Micah raised a brow, curious. He could go fairly long without eating food, though he wasn't sure if anyone was going to want him pushing himself too hard with his injury. He felt perfectly fine, though. And was completely willing to help out more. "I'd love to be able to do more, anyway. I do believe it's about time I stopped resting."
DarkAngelX4: Creah pulled off her boot. "i have some rations i can share and i ben working on a renewable sorce at home maybe if you allow me to stay i can maybe help" She Dumpped the content over her boot reavealing a stump and lack of foot half wa down her caff
IvoryAequitas: "I want all those who do not need as much substance to come to me after the meetings, You will be requested to clean and do labor when needed, work as able guards and able medics. And, for the stuggles, all those who work over will be payed a heafty paycheck in thanks." He said, looking over to Creah. "i dont beleive we hace met. Its a pleasure. Any rashions that can be given over for some nutriants to those needed, would be appreciated...."
Guest_JackCross: -hsving trained his body to take n low amounts o ood or long periods o time he had no problem not eating until monday and so he continued to listen-
RebellionAequitas: Xavier knew he'd still be able to pull his weight without food, so he'd happily stay behind. Venus being human meant she had no real choice but to sit back and do as she was told.
KaliAequitas: "Understood." Thomasin said, looking a bit downcast that she would not be able to do much. She was still recovering from her shoulder injury, and Olive was already rather frail as it was. She would still be able to talk to people if needed. Thomasin would just have to resign herself to a workless few days.
Vesperism: Wes looked in surprise at Creah's stump foot. "Er... that works." Yum, food stored beneath a stump? He was dreading doing labor. It was so tedious. But the paycheck, of course, would make it worth it.
IvoryAequitas: "People like Thomasin and Planke, who need to eat, you can laze around as look out duty, or offer care, however that is only if you feel the need to, it is not expected and you will not be paid. I do NOT want anyone doing interogations. All new comers are to me handed over to Me. They will be interogated in my room. This is only in place until Monday. All understood?"
DrunkenAequitas: Planke nods and saysaye aye as she drinks more rum.
Cymedr: It all seemed reasonable enough to him. Micah really would have done it without the mentioning of payment, but he supposed he could use some extra coin. "Seems fair to me."
KaliAequitas: "Yes sure." She said easily enough.
RebellionAequitas: "Aye aye boss." Xavier said listening closely, only giving feedback when he felt it necessary really. Venus also nodding in agreement, once stocks were back up everything could return to normal.
IvoryAequitas: When were on the matter, After we dock there will be a new ranking system in place. No more mateship, its not needed. I will be evaluating alot of roles when we are docked. I will be re ranking alot of people up... "His gaze shifted over to Micah, Ves and Olive... "Or dow."... He said moving to look at Thomasin, Venus and ending at Xavier. The others in the room getting a similer gaze. "If you are not ranked I will approach you also, Or you can approach me."
RebellionAequitas: Xavier and Venus both shifted a little uncomfortably. Xavier especially so, but he tried to sweat it off and act casual.
KaliAequitas: Thomasin and Olive stood, nodding.
DarkAngelX4: Creah nodded feeling determind to be part of the new team
IvoryAequitas: Any questions... Any worrys? Anything to Add?" He asked, brow cock. "I will find something for us as a crew on Regazya aswell... What kind of captain would I be if i didnt risk your lives to improve our treasury~"
RebellionAequitas: Xavier shook his head, He just wanted to go be a hermit in his parents house so he had no concerns. As far as Venus was aware she'd been doing her jobs and keeping ontop of her work she she had no complaints either.
Vesperism: Wes chuckled. That's what he liked to hear Matthew say. "Aye aye," he repeated after everyone.
DrunkenAequitas: Planke looks around then drinks more rum, aye seem this is all good
Cymedr: "Sounds fine to me." Micah didn't care all too much. Even if he did have any objections, he probably wouldn't have voiced it.
DarkAngelX4: "i'll just be happy to help" Creah said just feeling excited to maybe belong somewhere over her year of running and hidding.
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• 6/3/2017

01-06-2017 Out of Character (OOC) meeting.

I apologise for not posting the last meeting notes. Here are the notes from this weeks meeting.
List of who attended...

Introduced changes to the advance players guides and new players guides. Asked for input on the guides, mainly the advanced guide. Ivory expressed the importance of peoples input on this as it is what they will have to enforse and follow themselves 
Kali asked if there any rules about postage spam? Like when someone replies to a post and it take up three seperate lines. Ivory told her there isnt a rule, that she wont make it a rule, because unless your newbie to rp, its commonsence. If players see this, please ask the person to post in one post.
Bankie Requested for some guidelines for inviting friends to the RP, how people shouldn't invite 'fuckboys' into the RP. (Out of meeting note; anyone can be invited into the roleplay. If they are negitive, as long as moderatorys and the room owner work together to give accurate warnign system, the rp will run smooth.) Ivory noted that friends are welcome, but inviting friends/family/masters/subs etc into rp to ONLY rp with them is a issue. 
Ceri mentioned about how 'indepth' a character profile should be. Wether theres infomation they can not include incase of metagaming and the detail that should be included.
Ivory did remind people that nothing in the advance guide is 'ask to leave' worthy, and i will put a note that all this is prefferance for a smooth rp and there will be no warning for not following, but failer to not follow will result in the group somewhat faultering. She also mentioned that Acro has left due to a issue between her, and the room owner. Ivory expressed that she does not want something like that happening again, and people should not be 'scared' of talking to her. She said 'Im a room owner before friend when it comes down to issures that could be borderlining negitive towards the group. But, I need to to talk to me, and as i have mentioned, mainly on discord, your issues is not why the moderators are here. I am here to help you, and I am here to ensure the roleplay runs smooth in and out of character, with your help. I need to know if you are upset with somehing that involves the rp or people in it. I need to know if you feel out of place, and why, I need to know if you feel unincluded attacked or whatever else. But, most importantly, if something happens in the rp room, or outside that can effect the rp, I NEED EVIDENCE.'
The mods in the room stood forward to offer help with this. To what Ivory said how If the mods are approached the mods shouldlet the person know that you need to talk to the room ownerabout it.
Ivory has requested for... AVATARS WHERE OCS ARE OR MODS WILL GIVE WARNINGS - Exception being if on mobile
For the ongoing storyline, Ivory mentioned it was looking at being around a 13 peice quest that will last about 18 months. Before then, there will be a timeskip of about 2 months. (Without calender being effected) In the timeskip Matthew will step down and there will be a new captain, the matesystem will also be stripped. 
Bankie asked if he could do his own attack on ship. Ivory reminded him that this is always okay, just makesure people are online for it and that he would need to put a mission summary, and a pre-warning to let people know to be online for it. preferably 2 days prior.
Regions was brought up after Ghost asked where her OC would be from. When Lindow was mentioned Ivory told everyone how Lindow needs to stop being refered to as a Edgelord captital. How there was many negitive areas on morpheus and if anything Lindow would me known as one of the most excepting of areas of morpheus.
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• 4/10/2017

10-04-2017 In Character (IC) meeting.

EbonyAequitas: Matthew called the weekly meeting up top deck, this being rare for a venue. It was bitter and cold, though not too terrible. A bonfire was lit for warmth, stacked high with debris to light the area. "So, How have you all been since the last meeting." He spoke to everyone. Ofcourse, only crew was invited, what was many. Though being so open up top, even those that were not crew could listen in. "Sorry for holding this in the open, But, I wanted to welcome Thaclal, and they struggle to make there way though tiny spaces."
Amaritude: Thomasin stood over by the railings, her arms crossed, but she walked forward when Matthew started to speak. She noticed that Thaclal had taken off her arm leathers, perhaps Matthew had told her it was no longer necessary? Oh well. Thomasin waved her hand in their direction. She did not have any problems to arise, so for now she would just listen.
RebellionAequitas: Xavier was present, stood with his back to the railings as he listened to the words of the captain, enjoying the cool air against his skin as he spoke. His eyes shifting to Thaclal, someone he hadn't seen before. A new name to remember and face to get used to, it seemed the crew was every growing which was always a good thing.
PhyrexianAequitas: Thaclel just stayed quiet for now and listened.  She nibbled at one of her claws.  Yiv was there though Sott was not.  Finally she was back to her nomral self... and not wearing her rags.  She sat there naked, new metal plating showing and blood covering her front and her arms up to the elbows.
Acro: The blue thing had only just returned from a small adventure gathering who only knows what. She plopped onto the deck and rolled across before she heard Matthews voice. The blue thing bounced onto her feet and scurried to stand just between him and Thoma, unsure of who to go to first. Of course, Momma Thoma would win, she would near always win. She even managed a small wave to Jacob, look eing all nice. Little blue had barely noticed the trail of water left behind, looking to Thaclal but didn't wave, she seemed occupied with listening and such. Which is what she needed to do as well, turning her attention to the meeting then, good blue thing is good.
NeckedAequitas: Fidget came walking up from below "hate the stupid meetings people always show up to them" how dare some one show up to a meeting!  she come to a stop when she saw  alot of the crew standing about  and whimpered  slowly  as did her best to ease around the group and hide behind Jacob peeping over his shoulder he was her favoret meatsheild.{Rava} Rava had fallowed Diana setting on the ground beside her mother doing her best to pretend she was intrested in what was being said.{dragoness} she had not been invited to the meeting though nor was she invited on the ship ether  but she could not resist the urg to know what so many gathered for so she keept her head down stood at the back of the corwd near the metal creatures  so her own wings looked less supsius
Unleix: Imra is sprawled out causally on the benches of the upper deck, forearm over her eyes as she listened to the Captain’s call for the crew members. She straightened as he spoke, adjusting her scarf over the appropriate areas of her neck to hide the oddities of her skin for the moment. Seeing the others gather around the fire, she stood closer, but not close enough to grow too warm. Once again Imra was overly dressed in scarves, shawls, and gloves to hide the spidery markings on her body. She was curious to listen on what he had to say. It had been a while since she saw him last, after looking for him for some time. The Captain was busy evidently. Imra waits, crossing her arms as she usually did.
EbonyAequitas: [Jacob] The male, otherwise disassociated without care for the meeting, looked to Mirella and waved in return. though mentally he was thinking 'the fuck does the little blue retard want.' looking back to fidget and giving her head pets. [Matthew]]  He didnt know dragoness existed :D it was another murdrac as far as he knew. "We have Thaclal who will work as a guard and long with Tenma. Thaclal is to be treated with dignaty up here, the ship writes are to provideher with a temporary shelter for her stay." He spoke, looking around the crowd. "Imra is our newest Bard. Mirella our tracker. We also have a couple of passagers paying there way, put please, if you need to remind them this is a safe house, not a cruise, i dont wish to see them abusing you." He spoke about the crew, then continueing on. "As you can see, We are docked in Medela. The people here are healers in majority and kind. You are welcome to venture out, but entering the medela walls may not be incouraged, if you do not appear safe you will be discriminated upon and turned away, do not fight the guards. "
Murdrac: and there goes Sweetpea, off like a bullet
Amaritude: Thomasin gave a grin down at her little blue, before she turned her attention back to the meeting. So they were allowed to dock? She looked humanoid enough, apart from her ears, but elves were usually just as accepted. She would probably have to speak to Hera though, and send her spirits away.
PhyrexianAequitas: Thaclel glanced over them.  A few familliar faces, a few unfamilliar.  But they all looked quite average and normal.  The only thing that distracted her from the dragoness that stood out like a sore thumb among the phyrexians was a pink streak.  Dafuq.  Yiv swayed a bit, bored and wanting to get back to her work.
Acro: Oh look at that, a wave back. Neat. Mirella had almost forgotten she waved at him to begin with, distracted by the meeting. Hearing her name, she shyly tucked away behind Thoma 'Mom why didn't you tell me they didn't know?' Her nose wrinkled a moment before she finally stepped back into place to continue listening. She nodded here and there as Matthew spoke, glad to see him in one piece. Her eyelids flutter a moment when the pink blur rushed off into the city. 'Well that didn't take long.' Mirella looked back up at Thoma, a hopeful spark in her eye. 'Box?!' The thought was written all over her half hidden face.
Unleix: It was embarrassing when said out loud. Imra was a ...singer? While everyone else had useful jobs she was just singing a tune for the drunk patrons. Her eyes downcasted as she pondered on; hoping she’d get better. With time. She wouldn’t be useless... eventually. Upon hearing the words of healers where they were docked, her eyes were quick to light up. Neck craning, and trying to spot the exit of the ship. Though she’d wait for the Captain to finish speaking. Would it be here? Where she would find some solace? Some healing? At least something temporary. She saw the pink little creature rush off towards the way she was looking, wanting so badly to follow suit, but she stayed put.
RebellionAequitas: Xavier simply stood back and listened to him, taking in all the new names and such. :D
Amaritude: “Heh… Sorry, da’len, most of the crew know you now, it was just the case of making a formal announcement.” She grinned before she laughed at the look on her face. “Yes, yes. I’ll get the plans for the box, we’ll take it to the blacksmith. I just need to talk to some people about me not getting thrown out of the city as soon as I step foot in and it will be fine.” She too had noticed Sweets run off, perhaps she would be in a better mood now? Oh well. She noticed Imra looking downcast and gave her an encouraging smile.
NeckedAequitas: Rava heard his words and sighed looking at her fingers"stuck on board agin" she mummbled and started to stand up turning to leave {Fidget} out there with even MORE people? was he insane? {dragoness} she was suprissed  afew glanceing eyes but they all didnt turn and jump on her witch was what she was prepared for  then his words reached her ears of threating looks and she sighed she was not part of the crew but still  she did not wish to cause a ruckus so at the very least she would save her collecting till night fall
EbonyAequitas: "We will dock here for a while. For those that cant access Medela, the ship is availible, for those who can, you can help us stock and trade. The Mayor of Medela, Hera, Wishes to appoint us to do some work for her. A adventure of somekind into the forest to aid her with harvest. She will be willing to stock our ship free. I don't know why... But our stores are depleating much faster then normal. Do if i see anyone living in gluttony, I will issue warning. any.... 'special' dietry needs can be brought to myself."...... He paused in thought, concluding the last thought of his words. "The man brought up last week, He killed two men and injured another. A memorial was held as some of you attended. They were good men. We will all continue to work together. You all are a blessing to this ship, I am seeing less discrimination towards those inhuman and Iam proud to call you all crew."
Acro: Mirella nodded a few times when she heard Thoma before turning her attention back to the meeting. She tilted her head slightly at mention of an adventure. 'Wonder where.' She blinked. The blue thing continued to listen, sinking back when she heard she heard the bit about last weeks little mishap. There was a quiet sigh from Mirella to respond, her nose wrinkling. She was happy when the subject changed, shuffling about slightly. Perhaps she was feeling restless? She stretched softly and rubbed at her eyes a bit, wondering when she and Thoma could go off shopping and whatever else they might be able to get into.  Yay exploration.
EbonyAequitas: "Any other questions or issues anyone wishes to bring to my attention?"
RebellionAequitas: Xavier had no real issues or questions, really he was a simple man. Instead he looked to the others in the group to see what they had to say, folding his arms behind his head as he shifted about slightly.
Unleix: “Offering to stock the ship for free?” Imra spoke,, the small glow of the fire made the crescent on her forehead glow as she walked a bit closer. “Sounds like there’s a catch.” the half-elf perked her head to the side with a raise of her brow. Not one to believe such kindness up-front.
RebellionAequitas: [Venus N Gwaine] Present but quiet also >.>
Amaritude: Thomasin had to agree with that. There usually was a catch. ((tinney tiny post.))
EbonyAequitas: Jacob "Yeah, if bitch wants us to venture out into her forest, that place is full of poisonus plants and rapid creatures. Theres a reason she wants us to do shit in return." [[Matthew] No comment. He just nodded and remained profeffional like a goodboy :D "Last chance to speak up. I also need to know of anyone that has been interigated and needs placement. I know of Tahoma, and I may see if Kneh would like to stay and help Axel in the Libary."
Acro: Mirella was surprised to find herself agreeing with Jacob for once, nodding along quietly. Just as the others, she had no questions or concers at the current time.
NeckedAequitas: {Rava raised her hand" can i go into the foreast with you" she knew they probly wouldnt let her run about in town  even more so with out cloths  but the forest could be fun
Unleix: There must have been a lot of resources for them to offer. “Of course the forest is fucking poisonous.” Imra mumbles under her breath with a roll of her eyes. “All gracious-healing-Hera is sending everyone to harvest for her, and little do we know we got nipped by a poisonous plant and we die three days later.” Imra left it at that, chuckling lowly in a sarcastic manner. She waited idly until the meeting was wrapped up.
EbonyAequitas: -Hera is probably watching the meeting from the back of the croud, 
Unleix: The hand on the shoulder is noted. Imra nearly flinches, as she did not know how Thomasin filled the distance between them so quickly. Must be her shadowy minions. Imra immediately shuts up, with a small pout.
EbonyAequitas: Matthew closes the meeting :D "My door is always open, Ill be in there and the libary more, i will be less active around uless it is to greet new people, so if you need me, come to me from now on." He spoke, nodding his head in thanks to the croud.
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• 4/10/2017

03-04-2017 In Character (IC) meeting.

IvoryAequitas: Matthew waits in his cabin with a tankard of wiskey while alex, sapphire and Xavier to theyre thing in the corner. Wes probs suckling some bloodies out his his blood bitch, jacob like........ being jacob. Diana counting bugs, christian brooding in corner.... y get the jist :D
Amaritude: Thomasin walked into the meeting room and took a place at the back of the room, leaning against the wall with her arms crossed, her expression passive.
PhyrexianAequitas: Yiv walked in being as cute as she was forced to be.  Her face still a sneer of noping.  She still dripped some blood and oil from earlier, staining the floors but seemingly not her tooth rotting appearence.
Acro: The little blue thing followed Thoma into the room, peering around her to see who all were in the room. She moved to stand beside her, glancing about to admire any shiny things that may be around.
IvoryAequitas: He looked over to Yiv. "Arn't you looking cute." Mattews room was a mess, but for such a special occation, he kicked all the shit into the corners just for you guys :D He smiled slightly across the group. Those who were not on shift were invited to crowd in the mans small room :D "Right, I would to greetings and make this a formal peice of shit, but, you all know who eachother are, and if you don't, jesus, start talking more guys."
PhyrexianAequitas: Rrrrr!  Yiv sat heavilly on a crate and tapped her fingers as she waited, making a loud rythmic click click noie.
Amaritude: Thomasin grinned a little at Matthew's comment towards Yiv, but did not say anything. Instead she smiled at Mirella and waiting for the meeting to start.
Acro: Little blue had a sheepish smile in those eyes as she looked back at her for a moment. Mirella swayed a small bit before settling into place and waiting too.
IvoryAequitas: "Help yourselfs to drinks and what not." .... What was yiv and Mirella like intoxicated, one must find out. "Im going to make things clear. The septimo Law and Protocols is pinned up in the study area, use it. I can put a copy in the cells if you would like, ANYONE can preform a interogation, simply communicate it to me after. You do not have to interogte in cells if they do not seem a threat, just, make sure noone is around and there is two of you availible. It is simply the case that the cells always has a prison guard and is away from others that it is easier.
PhyrexianAequitas: Yiv lifted a finger.  "But a guy broke into the engines, assulted me, and was still interviewed outside and allowed to stay... but I was told I would be thrown overboard and threatened many times before I was crew?  he didnt sound mad.  But she was confused.
Amaritude: Thomasin did not comment for the moment, she simply listened, she would ask any questions at the end of the meeting. Though she did take something to drink, slightly regretful that she had run out of vials. She looked at Yiv a little surprised. When was this exactly?
Acro: Mirella tilted her head, glad that was cleared up, she guessed. She watched Thoma moving around before Yiv spoke. The blue thing tilted her head when was this? She had a sneaking suspicion that she knew who the culprit was.
IvoryAequitas: "Was that Logan, he seemed charming when I spoke to him. If you are put in that situation again, which may be common if you are face to face with someone who is unaware of something. Take it to myself, or someone else to deal with. If they attack you, defend youself, but to know its attack, you need to know how humans minds work. If I feel someone is dangerous, I draw my gun, not to assult, but to defend myself if needed. Reasure you meen no harm and you live here, and if they continue being assholes, break there wrist or something, but again, if you dont recognice someone, makesure your never alone okay?" He went into more detail when talking to Yiv. "Anyone else have questions and what not?"
Amaritude: Thomasin nodded. That all seemed to make perfect sense to her.
PhyrexianAequitas: "I did, try anyway.  He assulted me.  "  he shook her head.  "I will do that next time."  next person to assult her joins the closet.  The 'child' went quiet.
IvoryAequitas: "Ofcourse, you have noticed were not moving. Theres a suspicious man on ship who is not showing respect and is sneaking around the lowerdecks. To ensure you are all safe, the ship and yourself,we cannot move until the man is restrained and, at this point, slaughterd. Andother one for your closet perhaps yiv." He was so chill about it. giving the dead tothe creepo scientists, yiv included, was a way to keep the bodys down.
PhyrexianAequitas: "Wait the man with the eyepatch."
IvoryAequitas: He looked to Yiv, about to speak, Jacob how ever spoke up instead [Jacob] Yeah! Thats the asshole! He was in my engines sneaking about!"
PhyrexianAequitas: "I saw him earlier with the blue human."
Acro: ‘A sneaking man?’ Mirella seemed slightly more interested. Hearing Yiv she looked to her. ‘Eyepatch.’ She blinked. ‘Not shiny?’ So he was bad? Mirella seemed to pout, sketching a slight drawing of a washroom. She had only shown him where it was, she didn't realize he was some problem.
Amaritude: Thomasin looked down at Mirella with an eyebrow raised before giving a brief Sketchbook to speech translation. "I think she's saying that she was only showing him where the washroom is."
PhyrexianAequitas: "Thats where I saw him."  Yiv folded her hands in her lap.
Acro: Mirella nodded when Thoma spoke, jotting a small drawing of a stickfigure being eaten by a shark. She turned it to show to Thoma, her head tilting in questioning.
Amaritude: "Uh... I don't know if you can eat him."
Acro: She slouched, huffing a small sigh.
Vesperism: Wes quietly opened the door, the action almost silent, and took a seat on one of the baskets surrounding the table where everyone else was. It was rare he was late to things like this, but everyone made mistakes. He'd been... busy, anyway. He'd caught small snippets of the conversation outside the door, mostly catchig "eyepatch".
IvoryAequitas: "After we catch the fucker, we can all get a bit out of him. I can shot him, You can eat some of his, jacob can have his hands and feet after we give yiv a limb. Christian can have the brain and we can give the rest out in some cupcakes." Matthew took his notes, writing up the meeting and handign it to Wes. "Read though and continue for me taking notes alright.? Good for you to join us."
Amaritude: She privately thought that she might pass on the asshole cupcakes, shaking her head a little with vague amusement. She did not question what Mirella had told her because she had no real reason do.
Vesperism: Wes took the notes from Matthew and nodded, flipping the pen in his fingers as he waited to write.
Acro: Mirella liked the idea of that. She bounced softly at the thought of a snack. While the blue thing did promise she wouldn’t eat anything but seafood, if they were bad it was a different story.
IvoryAequitas: [Jacob]] If you want human fleash, i have some resipies y'can enjoy." He chuckled, Matthew coughing in disruption to get them back on track [Matthew] We have some new people. There is some people I need to find placements for. Sweetpea... the big person.... Any other new people I cannot remember?"
Amaritude: "Thaclal, for the big person. And Tahoma now he's back I suppose."
Acro: Her nose wrinkled, blushing in her own way as the blue color drained from her face completely for a moment. She didn’t want it, too much trouble to think that way. The blue thing looked to Matthew at the sound of his voice. ‘Oh right. Meeting.’ She blinked and thought about it for a moment. Only new person she knew about was to become a meal. She hadn't met anyone else, that she could remember.
IvoryAequitas: "Okay. So, We have a new co captain who is Xavier Jenkinson-Descartes. First mate is Alexander Gale, Second Sapphire the Gentle and Third is Weston Beauvigard (Or how ever its spelt) Any concerns, bring it to us. And, to the others, if someone does tell you something, please still pass it over to me.
Amaritude: Thomasin continued to lean back against the wall, she nodded once at his words, to show that she understood, but remained passive and silent. She let her eyes fall on each of the people whose names were mentioned in turn, but she knew most by now.
PhyrexianAequitas: Yiv tilted her head.  She only knew Matthew and Wes.  "Who?"
Acro: Mirella had met all but Alexander, her eyes moving from face to face as she made mental notes.
IvoryAequitas: "Every monday, ill be here waiting, a meeting will be held. Any thing you wish to arise as a consern, please bring to me the weekend before and i will raise it. Other than that, for the week, its normal, celerations every weekend up in the tower as normal. I will let you know the ship is moving when I can.
PhyrexianAequitas: "I will keep watch for the eyepatch meat when I can."  Yiv nodded.
Acro: The blue thing doodled along one page, she too would be keeping an eye out for snack..Uh guy.
Vesperism: Wes finished writing and paused to look over what he wrote, glancing over it for mistakes. He didn't see any at the moment, so he handed the notes back to Matthew. He'd have to visit the tavern again before they left, just for a change of scenery.
Amaritude: Was that everything then? Thomasin stood up, brushing down her clothes for a moment as she waited to see if there was anything else or if they were dismissed.
Acro: Mirella watched as Thoma seemed to prepare to leave. She did the same, stretching softly as a yawn formed and broke against the mask.[x-x blah]
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• 4/6/2017

Ente isla

Ente Isla 
Area (km²/mi²) 
9.222 thousand km² 
Lots of them. 
Notable races :
Winter elves,Humans,winter fae,snow golems, 

Creator samael Dion (JackCross imvu) 
History:ente isla was founded on 4 major islands and one main one in the middle off the coast of vittoria.its founders wanted to make a place for both maori and caoul alike to live in peace.when the war started vs libertus ente isla was a great contributer offering money food weapons and infantry to help the vittoria troops in battle.ente isla has two major cities Demacia and Britannia.
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• 1/26/2017

Wikia Updates - Regions

Ive Archives all old regions. DO NOT EDIT THE ARCHIVED.
The layout for the new regions have been set. They are in alot less detail then the old ones. I will explain why I have done this...
I want to do country pages, and 90% of the infomation for the countries where already in the regions. The preload has been formatted for countries (Or islands) to be added on the homepage in the little box. 
Working step by step to make the pages easier to read, and spread the detail out were nessersary. (If you are roleplaying in Hazael for example, you only really need to know about Hazael. And not all 2billion other countries in the kingdom) 
Example of a finished Region page (Needing to add history.)
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• 1/25/2017

Wikia updates - Character!

All characters have been set to Archived! This means they are - for now - stored. PLEASE DO NOT EDIT THE ARCHIVED!
Follow these instructions

1) Find your old archived profile -
2) On a separate tab, go onto the main home page -
3) Create a new character in the box! Use your old characters name of course. IT IS IMPORTANT YOU FOLLOW THE FOOT NOTES IN THE NEW PROFILE LAYOUT! The profile looks big, but its not, and you can delete some sections you don't want/need to do. ~ Personality (Brief paragraph), Physique, Combat (if fighter), Magic (If magic user), Skills (Only if your character excels in a certain skillet - not compulsory if they only know how to fish or knit) , Brief role play setting paragraph, Brief background paragraph and a brief story line paragraph (If a old character) 
4) Start filling out your character profile, copy and paste old infomation over!
5) When you have done this, Let me know.
* IMPORTANT! Please keep the layout, you can add heading and subheading in relevant areas, (For example if you have a second form, or you want to expand on a weapon or skill they have (For example, I will add a whole section on Jacob's engineer and science skills) Please do not delete any headings unless stated! 
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• 1/24/2017

Meeting dated 23-01-2017

Ivory said hello and everyone has a slight catch up with them being away for so long. After a few moments, everyone had the chance to state their current situations. Moderators involved said they were happy to get back starting within the Morpheus rooms.
Party and events were discussed, they discussed rooms and themes, agreeing on holding a memorial ceremony for Sverre, DrunkenAequitas’s character, following his death on 23/01/2017. This memorial to be held on Tuesday 24/01/2017. A party will be organised for the weekend of the 27th, the party spreading though the days until the first. Here, it was agreed for a one year time skip.
Following on mentioning the time skip, the people present agreed a one year difference would be good, to give the current character’s strong roles and development. Also, making it so those left – Abel, Fumaii, Vincent, Sverre and others could go past the grievance stage. Ceri mentioned the want to take of Laura for a short while – though is still debating, and Tim mentioned the want to have less characters onboard. Ivory said that those, especially those in high positions, need a full wikia page. It was asked for this to be completed before the time skip.
For those characters left, it will need to be brought to Ivory so she can set them all – From captain’s point-of-view – into a position on the ship. It was said about a member who was currently ranking high having a baby offline, there for the role of the mate position will be edited as followed.
Captain – Matthew (Ivory)
Co-Captain – Alex (Lost)
First mate – Xavier (Rebellion)
Secondmate – Sapphire (Sapphire)
Thirdmate – Currently open.
This is still up for discussion and will be revised when the characters who are around. The new pages on the wikia for this will be linked in another forum post and posted across all groups.
Ivory reminded people that there are other rooms open, Hiffiam being one of the main to take old characters, should they wish to move a character off ship. Though this was not discussed, Ivory is thinking of making a head room for each region, the creator of the region will then manage that room. There will be a list, and page, for the roleplay rooms open in Morpheus.

Ivory said she will work hard on the wikia pages until time skip, mentioning she could do with some help across the current team. A later forum will be posted to confirm the stage by stage development of the wikia. Ivory finally mentioned she wanted to make more use of the Facebook group, and will look at doing this to use this as a main form of contact between roleplayers. 

If I have missed anything, please feel free to add to the comments below.
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• 6/15/2016

15/06/2016 - Septiling meeting

IvoryAequitas - RebellionAequitas - DrunkenAequitas - EclipticAequitas - BankieAequitas - SahbaAntar - UnforgottenGuardians - Taivas
I apologise because my Auto-Correct is not working! Everyone present started with introducing themself. It was then mentioned how many goof around, but do not get to know eachother. In regards to this it was said how Murdrac has kindly made a OOC room for Morpheus. Facebook, skype and wikia chats were said to be premoted to stop OOC. Mods are requested to enforse this and should it not be followed and acknolaged after one first warning, a "final warning or I will boot for OOC distraction" As worded, then finally a boot. A mod did mention sometimes it is other mod that do not listen. And it was said how Ivory is availible on facebook. And how if needed she can inforse warnings and strip mod at anytime as multiple individuals have her log in to do so.
Accounts with mod: IvoryAequitas, RebellionAequitas, DrunkenAequitas, EclipticAequitas, SapphireAequitas, SahbaAntar, TheLostAequitas, AlphaAequitas. (And all known alts for the above names) These were mentioned and reasons behind the modship. It was also mentioned about 3 others being offered mod, however it was agreed that modship numbers should be kept low. The new players guide was made known ( and was requested to be saved or bookmarked.
OOC Rudeness
People being twats was requested as a topic of convosation. It was said how If you feel at anytime someones being a twat. First TALK to them. Whisper or PC them. They might have offline reasons for acting like a twit, or there may be some personality missundertandings. There is no reason to approach them in a room were many can comment as it does appear as attacking. It is easy to judge when someones being rude because they simply want too. And that is is also promoted that if anyone feels wrongly booted, it can be brought to by a mod or room owner. If someone is rude to the point of boot, please copy the convosation. Pastebin was suggested by SahbaAntar as a good way to do so.
14/06/16 - inccedent.
Audreys OC Amaya was a Demon hound before the rule change. When new rules were implemented she was asked to make her own race so she could keep her OCs how they were, but allow them to fit in with some common demonic qualitys stripped. This convosation would of happened about 18months to two years ago. She soon went offline due to education and what was discussed was never implemented due to forgetfullness, time and change. It was mentioned how the mods handled this situation well, and it should off been ended after a mutural agreement. It was requested for mods to handle a situation one at a time. If something is happening that a mod is handling, do not step in unless requested as the person can feel attacked and corners.If a situation does require more than one mod, or a extensive talk, it should be taken to PC and if refused the person refusing should be booted if RP is affected due to them. And once a situation is handled, discussed and reflected on, do not resurect the situation after the final 'okays'. 
Anju's Absence. 
Since I have returned to fulltime work. I have not had anytime for Septimo. My offline scheduals are FUCKED. I haven't been able to see Abel or access the laptop because im just working and sleeping also due to me doing alot of overtime to save for a norwegians holiday :D. However. Starting monday, my shifts are being changed. I will be doing night shifts meaning i will have a more american body clock to meet with those from USA, but also be able to be availible for the european group too. My new shifts will not be as active, and I will be payed same amounts, for less work. Meaning a less tired Anju.
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• 5/1/2016

Wikia Updates - Septimo:Character and ranking lists.

A small meeting on the IMVU client was held where some attended. I was unable to save this conversation due to crashing. However, what was brought up was the following.
First off, Can we please be considerate involving wikia work, if you have a spare 10 minutes and you see a page you can add too, or spellcheck etc, please do so, even if its one or two lines. This work does add up! And is very appreciated!
Secondly, I aim to make a Septimo contract where all who become crew can 'sign' This is a idea I will be working on as off the 2nd of May. I will keep you all updated upon this progress.
Quests and Storyline was also brought into convosation to read more, please follow here >
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• 5/1/2016

Mission idea

A floating price ship that mostly sails above land to avoid being attacked but at certain area's has no other choise than to travel over sea. The ship holds a large amount of precious cargo aboard including weapon designs, more gold than anyone has ever seen and gems. The ship is also home to a few of the most wanted men in the world. Therefore a high value target.
The ships route however is a strictly kept secret and the schedule will need to be uncovered by the crew by attacking other targets where we will get parts of it and so puzzle the schedule together.
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• 4/4/2016

Suggesting a Event/Mission

What Room/Roleplay is this suggestion for?
Where is the Location of this Mission/Event?
What is planning time needed for this mission?
How many can attend?  Anyone in particular needed?
What is the mission/Event?
Any other details needed? Eg, clothing, times, moderators etc...
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• 4/1/2016

March 31st Quest results

Lady was used as a scout during the mission, when Alex and Gwaine had to turn back, she followed them and worked to protect them though the past areas. After the mission, Marnix, Kala and Sapphire made there way into the tomb. First helping these three, they would then make theyre way to the main area, helpng out the savearly wounded. Rava, as less wounded and emence strength, most likely helped out a tinyer body such as Brycer. When at the tomb's entrance, Diana and Venus rushed to Hagines age. Putting her first priority and refusing to follow medic priorities. They cared for her within the tomb. (Rendering Diana extreamly sickly) They would ensure her stabilaty. Long enough too have her return to the Septimo. Then tending to other wounded and sickly. Abel-Laura-Alex-Vincent-Asura-Gwaine-Dawn-Wes-Brycer-Lady - In that order. All wounded would be in a cart guided and pulled by the cultists, medics and SapphieAequitas's oc's. Noone from the tomb having to walk. Medics would make sure blood transfusions and medicines were offered when upon the cart to those who need it. Once back in temby. ALL wounded would be guided to the septimo, offered a space in the infermary. They would need to check, and ask leading medics Venus and Diana for permission to leave, unless they sneak out of sight. Sahba would be aiding with possible poisons after returning back to Udhaakeh to gain the infomation needed to do so. However, come morning the ship would leave dock. Those who are not part of septimo crew, and who have gained a relationship with septimo crew, would be askd by Matthew, Co-captain, to join the ship.  *Abel Baudouin (RebellionAequitas) -Right shoulder blade shattered into multiple fractions. Left arm wounded by enemy blade. Wounds from Lauras Ice attack. Multiple bug bites and possible scorpian poison. Multiple bruses and grases, whole back deeply bruised.

Laura Baudouin (CeriAequitas) - Multiple bug bites, Multiiple bruises. (Possible spaines and Bone brakages from final battle) Exhausion and temperary lack of control with bodily functions.
Vincent Perish (BankieAequitas) -Constant migrains, Memory loss - Short term majorly affected, Hazy long term. Magic seal broken. Lack of control with magic. Lack of control with bodily functions. Gun wound to the foot, multiple bullet wounds to body. A stab wound to his leg. Multiple bug bites and possible scorpian poison, Multiiple bruises. 
Hagine Mearrh (Scintillian) - Chest ripped open exposing ribcage. Large burn to her right side. Wounds from Lauras Ice attack. Multiple bug bites and possible scorpian poison, Multiiple bruises. 
Asura Dragoste (Desreputed) - Thigh ripped open. Wounds from Lauras Ice attack.  Multiple bug bites and possible scorpian poison, Multiiple bruises. 
Rava (sokarosewood) - Multiple bullet wounds to body. Wounds from Lauras Ice attack.  Multiple bug bites and possible scorpian poison, Multiiple bruises. 
Dawn (CalypsoAequitas) - Multiple bullet wounds to body, Multiple blade wounds. Wounds from Lauras Ice attack. Multiple bug bites and possible scorpian poison, Multiiple bruises. 

Alexander Gale (TheLostAequitas) Crushed ribs, Internal bleeding. Multiple bug bites and possible scorpian poison, Multiiple bruises. 
Weston Beauregard (Vesperism) - Head wound, bruising and concussion. Wounds from Lauras Ice attack. Multiple bullet wounds to body. Multiple bug bites and possible scorpian poison, Multiiple bruises. 
Lady Godiva (JasmineSinopa) - Multiple bug bites and possible scorpian poison, Multiiple bruises. 
Gwaine Lionhart (RebellionAequitas) - Multiple bullet wounds to body. Multiple bug bites and possible scorpian poison, Multiiple bruises. 
Brycer (EclipticAequitas) Thigh ripped open. Wounds from Lauras Ice attack.  Multiple bullet wounds to body. Multiple bug bites and possible scorpian poison, Multiiple bruises.
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• 3/30/2016

Bot account

Hi. I have a bot account on Wikia, under the name "Botalu". I was thinking that I could use it to help you guys here with some tedious tasks, such as moving categories. It works on pywikipedia, a common bot program that also works on Wikipedia and a fair amount of Wikia wikis.
I'm making this thread because I'd like you all (especially the admins) to have a say in whether or not I have permission to use this bot ♪ please let me know what you think.
If I receive a bot flag, it means that my bot's edits will not show up in the "wiki activity", but that you will have to go to Special:Contributions/Botalu instead to see them. This is to not spam all activity when the bot is editing, because it makes many edits in a short time.
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• 3/27/2016

28th March - Oceania Quest

Date: Monday 28th of March
Time: UTC + 1, 6.00PM
Location: IMVU Client 
Meta-Leader: IvoryAequitas
Lady Kura-Skye Everett has hired the Septimo to look for a friend of the Hazaelian Kingdoms missing children. One child was discovered in Tenby, Oceania . It is up to the septimo to find the other child, and return them to the family.
On Friday, 25th of March, a group of people would set out on a quest for a item known as Vita Orbs. These orbs are located in the centre of the desert. It is up to the outside help of the ship, Christian Jenkinson and the Kica-Kela trio to guide them across the wasteland of Oceania to the temple on which they can be recovered.
Vita Orbs : A item used in Morpheus to return a individual to full health and/or return a soul to a dead body, thus returning life.
The character in play for this mission are...

Christian Jenkinson - Working as a guide - IvoryAequitas/EbonyAequitas
Kica-Kela trio (Sahba, Ysura & Ryel) - Working as a guide - SahbaAntar
Diana Marie Viccars - Working as a medic  - IvoryAequitas/EbonyAequitas
Abel Baudouin  - Leading the mission - RebellionAequitas
Alexander Gale - Co-Leader - TheLostAequitas
Asura Dragoste - Desrupted
Laura Baudouin - CeriAequitas
Ra'Qahro Vash'os - RhalosVarikElkanor
Vincent Perish - BankieAequitas
Hagine Mearrh - Scintillian
Weston Beauregard - Vesperism
Rava - sokarosewood
Note: If you have not been listed above and are intrested in the mission, please contact roleplay owner to be added to the list.
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• 3/27/2016


I have just given the following people adminship of the Morpheus wikia!

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